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The city maps in Bannerlord are extremely detailed and amazing. And if all cities are going to get unique maps...

It would be a shame to only use 20% of the map for sieges. Namely, the outside of the city and it's walls.

Why not use the whole city? Have fights lead all the way towards the Keep because let's be honest, the Keep would be the last stronghold of the city.

Why not have some kind of '
capture the point' style siege where you and your men have to capture and move past these different points all around the city, all the way to the Keep. These paths would lead to long fights through-out the city streets filled with breakable wooden spike walls that funnel and slows down the attacking force.

Have the defenders spawn at various points of city after the front gate has been broken down and move their spawn points back as the attacker gains ground.

Obviously you would win siege when you reach the Keep but to have something extra. Use the interior of the Keep for some kind of final fight with a few T4+ troops or a few of those who ran away from the battle and have the fight similar to that of attacking a bandit hideout where only you and a few men will enter. Even if you lose the Keep fight, you would have the city. So perhaps some higher priced loot for winning that fight would make sense.

No more garrison men standing next to the gate waiting to be swarmed by the attackers until they lose.


I literally just commented similar ideas somewhere else then I saw this LOL !

I thought entirely the same after a siege I had ytd at Belgal (a town far north) and was deeply amazed by how detailed dev has designed this big town, but unfortunately the battle only used so little of it.

And yes, it can be implemented by changing defenders' spawn point and default positions after certain conditions are reached by the attacker (eg. successfully breaking the inner gate). Or adding a cutscene between two phases of the battle (Wall/gate defense & Keep defense).
Yeah, I'm sure many people have similar ideas because they are starting to find sieges repetitive, hopefully they do plan on expanding it better.

I found that as soon as the second city gate breaks, the siege is won because attackers stop using the siege towers and instead just start flooding through the gates, surrounding the majority of the defenders that are in a shield-wall doing nothing and attackers can just encircle them with the numbers. Whilst some other attacking units go up onto the walls and kill the remaining archers that are waiting there doing nothing also.

Not to mention half of the defending archers just stand there on the wall and not shoot, even when they have a good line of sight at the attacking force when they approach the walls.

But there are actually one or two cities that are really hard to attack because the defending shield wall actually blocks the entrance past the second gate. There are no gaps for the attacker to get through and just simply surround them with numbers. I think one of these are the northern town you are taking about


I agree 100% this could be brilliant and each culture (and ideally each town/ castle) would have a slightly different technique for last stand, inner town def.. this could be so cool and they already did a bit of it with the way defenders set up in some towns once you destroy the wall (archers up on houses and barricades).. There is some battanian towns where there's actually a big inner wall that you cant currently deploy your troops on but i feel like its there for future use (as well as aesthetic)


I guess you could trigger the change in defensive tactic as soon as one of their infantry units, defending either the gate or wall is routed. When this happens all defenders begin a retreat towards the inner keep where they set up.

Or just put less troops on the wall/ gate and leave troops in reserve from the start which are joined by the rest once the conditions are met.

I think your idea of 3 phases to a siege battle is great. Taking the gate/ walls >> Fighting in the streets on your way to the keep (against well placed shield walls and archers) and then a final push to take the inner keep which would need to be broken into by your troops under archer fire and be defended inside by a few well trained troops and any clan members, governors etc.
When you die in a siege and watch the fight, it's just strange to me how currently both the attacking and defending units seem to going to a point on the wall and it's making them walk past each other. They take one poor attempt in hitting the other whilst continuously walking.


yep..maybe something in the multiplayer would make a difference.How about this:let players capture "flags" to hold or take a settlement in a siege battle?


yeh big towns have no use at all. battles in battanian and sturgia towns would be amazing especially
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