Changing ranged bots behaviour

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Whenever you fight against ranged bots (with throwing weapons/bows/crossbows) and they have no direct line of sight to you, they generally stand where they are and wait for you to show yourself. This makes fights longer and it's not really realistic. They should move around to find a line of sight... or come closer to you.
This happens when you are at reach, but out of sight.
I've tried to change this behaviour by changing AI's difficulty to hard (still the same problem). I tried to use all relevant tools a .txt editor could provide to change that. But I have not tried the module system tools yet.

Any idea how to change that ? Thanks a lot for giving any piece of information... I can give more details if I haven't made myself understood.


No txt-ing out of that one. It's complex even with the module system.
You'll need to cycle through all the archers and detect their (badly-documented) AI state (one of which is that they don't have LOS), then... do something. Possibly move them a bit to the left or right.
If you are only a txt-tweaker it's far beyond your current skills.
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