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Resolved Scene Editor Changing material on boarder prefabs does not save

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Changing the metamesh material for the desert_border_a, desert_border_b, desert_border_c, desert_border_d, mountain_border_a, mountain_border_b, mountain_border_c, mountain_border_d, mountain_border_e, mountain_border_long_a, and mountain_border_long_b does not persist through saving. You can change the metamesh material fine in the editor, but when you save and reload the map the change reverts and the border prefab goes back to it original material. The change also does not show up in testing mode or custom battle. Interestingly, changing the factor color does work and persist through saves.
Found solution already, it was because of a script attached to the border prefabs called "mesh_seasonal_material" overriding my change to the material, not a bug. This can be marked as solved, sorry.
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