Changing Item Prices - Castle Money Chests [?]

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I want to change item prices (ex: leather gloves buy/sell price) but as I searched; I have to change Var No 1 for it. But I'm confused about Castle Money Chests. I need to type Castle's No for Var No 1 to collect money from the item trading in the current castle (ex: when you buy leather gloves, it adds money for the castle money chest).

So how can I handle it? I want the connect the item with money chest but also want to change the item price.

Edit: Tried to make it by typing a value front of the castle number (ex: 3 > 63)  but still seems same.
From the scene prop editor values information window, opened using F2 while editing a scene using PW "Edit a Scene" mode, while walking around (before using control-e to open the editor window).
The values can be modified in the scene editor panel, scene prop section: the two fields, labelled 'Var No' and 'Var 2 No'. These can each store an integer in the range 0 - 127.

The scene props with 'value 1 = faction + multiplier' share the same code for storing a combination of faction id / castle id and gold value multiplier in value 1:
0 is the commoner faction, which normally means the prop is not associated with any faction, 1 for outlaws, and 2 - 9 associate the scene prop with a castle (which starts owned by the corresponding faction id).
The other part is a multiple of 10, representing specific gold value multipliers:
0 = 100%, the default value
10 = 20%
20 = 40%
30 = 60%
40 = 80%
50 = 120%
60 = 140%
70 = 160%
80 = 180%
90 = 200%
100 = 350%
110 = 500%
120 = 1000%
These two separate values are combined: for example, 31 = outlaw faction and 60% value, 116 = castle 5 (starts owned by faction 5, the yellow faction) and 500% value.
You can press F1 while in that mode to display another information window detailing other function keys, and some general PW scene editing information. There is also a more detailed guide with other information in the sticky thread: I have just added the in game information as a section to that post, since it doesn't change often along with new releases anymore.
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