Changing HP through increasing ironflesh bonus, strength bonus and base hp?

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I was wondering if there is any way in mount and blade to change the HP bonus given by ironflesh, to increase the bonus HP given through strength, to increase the base hp, or to perhaps implement a small hp bonus every time a character levels up? (especially the last)
Or perhaps add a brand new stat like endurance that just increases your hp?

I found that enemy lords in the game tended to have much more hp than the main character in spite of having a very high level or ironflesh rating...
I want the game to have a bit of a higher hp scale, and thus make the attack values of weapons higher. I get tired of all weapons doing 0 damage after a while... it gets impossible to die against farmers, and its not  like the game has a critical hit system to where a lucky shot gets past my armor and injures me (i find that a bit unrealistic)
Search for Realistic Combat Model (RCM) on the forum. It is overhaul of weapon/armor stats to make combat more real. Dunno if 1.011 version exists


morbidangel said:
ill check that out later

is there a way to change hp though?
no, it's hardcoded. 1.010 and 1.011 applly different hp bonus for strength, and both share same MS, so I believe it's hardcoded.


is there any way to change this in the future maybe?
will MoB warband have the option to change this possibly?
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so, you can't just take and edit ironfleash skill so it can give not +2 but +22?:cautious:
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