Changing gamemode on the server


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Hi everyone,

I have a NW server hosted through a provider, and for some reason, the admin panel glitches when I change the gamemode unless I use a mission template configuration file to launch the server, such as NW_Sample_Commander_Battle.txt or NW_Sample_Battle.txt.

For example, I use a battle config template (NW_Sample_Battle.txt) and launch the server. Then, whilst on the server, I change the gamemode to commander battle. I change the number of bots in each squad and then it doesn't change. If the server was launched with 20 bots in each squad, it will stay that way. The red server text appears stating that the number of bots on one team has been changed. If I change the maximum number of bots allowed on the server, the red server text will come up again saying the number of buildpoints has been changed and nothing actually sets in.

I've tried using a commander battle config file, and it works. But then, once in the server and I change it to battle and then back to commander battle, it glitches again. It seems to not recognize the different admin panel settings when switching gamemodes.

Sorry for any confusion, I hope this makes some sense.

Any help would be appreciated.



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It's a presentations file glitch, it's supposed to be fixed in a hotpatch coming up.

A couple of ways to work around it:

If you start the server in Comander Battle mode instead of any other game mode, it should not glitch, (maybe)

Also you can fix it by downloading certain admin tool mods floating around by Wustringer or Hatman it'll patch it.