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I have been thinking about the game and how it could gain more depth. I would like to suggest a few changes to the way in which the game operates which I think would make it much more immersive.

My suggestion is that you begin the game with a few realistic options which are effected by the choices you make at the character build stage.

Option 1 - operate or join a trading caravan. You can either create your own caravan or join an existing one. The only troops available to you are mercenaries and companions. Joining one earns you an income while running your own gets you the profit.

Option 2 - Serve as a soldier, same as the mod.

Option 3 - join a bandit gang. After some time you could fight the gang leader to become in charge of the hideout which would be a base for recruitment and supplies.

While you could technically do anything the issue would be that you could only recruit mercenaries (or bandits in the case of bandit playthrough) and this would obviously make it harder to raise large parties to take on enemy lords. Recruitment of levies would only become available once you had aquired land and would only be available from your or your subordinates land. Elite units and levies would be related to the hearths of villages and the population of towns. The only way you could get land would be being knighted by the lord you served under (in the case of serve as a soldier), taking it by force or buying it from a lord (the price would be high). The amount of levies and elite units would be based on your land holdings and you could only create additional clan parties by giving one of your family or clan members land (either a village/ town/ castle). If you became the king you could recruit from any village or town in the kingdom.

I hope you get the idea. I think it would take the game to the next level
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