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1) diplomacy and influence: i think that influence a is a little too hard to gain especially when starting out in the faction.More likely than never the influence will be on a net decline and influence being so important i think that some changes should be implemented( increase starting influence/more influence gain from clan level/more influence gain from battle. As for diplomacy i think that remaining abstain should not deteriorate relationship with the candidates. joining army and sieging with fellow vassals should gain relationships. Reduce or remove the relationship penalty with vassals when leaving a faction

2) Quests: there should be more available quests with notable figures and especially lords i find it hard to gain rs points with lords due to the lack of quests. Furthermore i think that quest which will inflict negative penalty(eg relationship penalty, criminal penalty) when completed should be reduced. With the amount of quests which will damage on party's relationship when helping the other party it will discourage players to do such quests. Furthermore i think that the main quests should be removed or at the very least changed drastically.

3) combat: I think auto blocking should be an option due to the demand for it. i wish that troops u command gives battle cries or response; kinda like the spartans movie( when leonidas calls to his troops they responded with a battle cry). for some reason cavalry are sometimes called and infantry.

4) Honor system: I think that there is an honor system just that no implemented yet(i could be wrong) as during the character creation screen i saw one of the option gave honor forgot which. nevertheless i wish that there will be an honor system implemented.

That's all i have now feel free to give your opinions as well.


I believe the most urgent is to adjust the factions snowballing rate. This is plain game-breaking at current stage.
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I believe the most urgent is to adjust the factions snowballing rate. This is plaine game-breaking at current stage.
yes this too, i think a good way to stop this is to restrict the amount of army for each faction and reduce the time they can raise them.
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