ChangeRelationAction.ApplyPlayerRelation without Charm XP

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Please add an option to the ChangeRelationAction.ApplyPlayerRelation call to NOT award Charm XP.

I am trying to write custom quests for Bannerlord and I would like to be able to award a big relation gain with certain characters due to story events without the player getting awarded a bucket load of Charm skill XP.



(@darksoulshin Here you can get rid of your Charm XP! I didn't know it was built into the relation-gain!!)
It is indeed. Even if, for design reasons, TW would not want to decouple relation to the Charm skill, I would at least ask them to taper off the XP gain for larger relation swings.

And since I brought design up, a big red flag of this whole relation gain equals Charm XP is that the opposite is not true. Loosing relation does not mean you loose Charm XP.
I am not advocating for the latter, just pointing out that coupling the two to beging with is problematic.
While I am at, let's swing for stars and say that a Charm skill, for a game that only dabbles in RPG NPC dialogue, is a waste of a skill slot...


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Hey, the following change has been implemented with v165 in relation to your request:
  • The code that awards charm XP was moved from ChangeRelationAction.ApplyInternal to CharacterRelationCampaignBehavior.
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