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This thread lists all changes made since 1.0.  If you haven't played since an earlier version, reading through this thread will help you catch up on all the new features.

In general, due to the rapid development of this mod and the rate at which new content is being added, savegames from previous builds are probably not compatible.  You can try 'em out, but don't report a "bug" if your characters are all wearing the wrong clothes, etc., that's just part of how the engine works.

Changelog:  1.01
1.  All parties and garrisons now use correct troop types.
2.  Bandits no longer have to sneak into towns.  Penalty for villages remains; players must quest to improve relations, because your player is "obvious scum"- perhaps he / she has a thief brand, etc.- maybe I should explore / explain that in the opening.
3.  Fixed bad shirt BRF reference.
4.  Fixed game not working well with people who can't support huge battle sizes.
5.  Added a lot of stat variety, using the base balance for the items as the starting point.  Please let me know about any serious typos or anything that became useless or massively OP as a result.
6.  Made throwing weapons have equivalent accuracy as bows.  Neither ever gets pinpoint accuracy.
7.  Nerfed the Charger a bit.
8.  Changed Looter, Forest Bandit and Sea Raider balance by adding new troops to their mix.  Looters will be *slightly* less of a speed-bump.  But not too much for new players, hopefully.
9.  Fixed Condottieres having wrong faction alliance.  This was a bug that was in some of the Taleworlds troops as well, strangely enough.
10.  Fixed various goofy things with the starting characters' clothing, etc.
11.  Added some bread to all starting characters, so that you don't insta-lose Morale at start.
12.  Fixed all weapon lengths (I hope they're all right now).
13.  Fixed a weapon that was in the wrong category (I hope that's the last time that happens, short of adding new weapons, as that screws up savegames a bit).
14.  Fixed installer including an ancient backup that wasn't even slightly relevant.
15.  Hopefully fixed Tournaments.
16.  Added a bunch of placeholders so that I can expand the Mercenaries in the future without causing havoc to savegames.  Not that I'm promising to never break them again, but I'll try.
17.  Fixed the Caravans.
18.  Hopefully fixed the conversation problems with visit_lady.
19.  Fixed polearms that can't be used on horse, so that they can't be used on horse at all.
20.  Other little fixes, tweaks and so forth.

Changelog:  1.02
Updated headers / process to version 1.126 of Module System.  No other changes, only of interest to modders.

Changelog: 1.03
1.  Fixed item crash issues related to Taleworlds BRF updates.
2.  Fixed looping condition with raids on villages.
3.  Fixed /Data directory not included with mod; the ground / plants will look considerably different.
4.  Added Checkmaty's sound mod, with various changes.  Credits have been updated.
5.  Changed spear strikes and re-installed overhand strikes for some swords.
6.  Various tweaks to tactical AI; should do some new things now.
7.  Fixed Khergit Lamellar Leather w/ Breastplate display in shops.
8.  Fixed budget report; now reports income from all enterprises and correctly displays.
9.  Included latest game_variables.txt.
10. Sneaking into a castle / town no longer means you get crappy equipment.
11. Tweaked looting system; may need to pare it back a bit, I'll await comments, but players will see a lot more loot than before.
12. Fixed Peasant Revolutionaries being able to change relations with Lords and Factions.
13. Added further tweaks for different character types.
14.  Updated towns that use new Swadian house models.
15.  Fixes for female faces.  Requires restart to see.
16.  Added Adorno's awesome Arena improvement mod.
17. Other various minor fixes and improvements.

Changelog: 1.04
1.  Integrated new Taleworlds warhorses.  Expect Khergit Lancers to be considerably more dangerous, and Rhodok Condottieri are even scarier.  And Mamlukes got their horses back, because the new horses are cool.
2.  Added some new music, for the few people who haven't turned off the default soundtrack, including some of Adorno's Ambient Sounds mod, for music-less battles with natural sounds.
3.  Fixed a bunch of weapons that had goofy settings (they were both two-hand and polearm types, and Warband doesn't know what to do with that).  Please let me know if you find any buggy weapons or crashes due to bad BRF references, etc.
4.  Changed a bunch of stats (more variation for spears, halberds etc.- basically everything that hadn't gotten changed in 1.01).
4. Added knockdown for certain weapons.  The biggie is that the Dragon gets knockdown, which should make it more effective in siege fights (i.e. the Dragoons will be more useful).
5. Allowed the short halberds to be used on horseback.
6.  Certain polearms have been differentiated more, such as a distinct Polehammer class.
7.  Dragoons got better horses, to make them a bit more useful as cavalry.
8.  Those poor Manhunters got a much-needed upgrade in stats and equipment.  Meant to get this done with 1.01, but forgot about it.
9.  The Lords no longer have crappy horses.
10.  You may now build an Improvement for Villages, Castles and Towns that will set the local troop type to whatever you wish, if you own it.  I.E., if you want to play just Swadians, you can convert your towns to Swadian, etc.  It takes about 1 game month and around 15,000 dinars (Engineering skill affects this).

Changelog: 1.05
1.  Improvements for most of the Town sieges, giving a wider ramp for assaulting troops to use.  This change favors the attacker.
2.  Fixed Lords not following the player's orders and "just standing there"- Lords will follow your instructions (for now).
3.  Fixed bug in Taxes quest that gave players far too much money.
4.  Fixed certain weapons not having overhand swings.
5.  Added the start of a new battlefield-generation system.  Some battlefields have unique requirements (atm, that means that there's one where troops must find a ford to cross a stream / pond).
6.  Archers now have Piercing attacks, in the lower range for crossbows.  This makes them somewhat useful against all armor types, but they are not anything like as powerful as heavy crossbows or firearms.
7.  Huge changes to new characters:  the Mercenary Archer, Man-at-Arms and Brigand all start with a (small) army of troops.  Brigands get the unique ability to hire various scummy NPCs and have a motley army of thieves, as well as the regular mercenaries.  Makes them a lot more interesting to play.
8.  Fixed army-for-free bugs with Brigand and Peasant Revolutionary.
9.  Adjusted payoffs for most quests, to reflect inflation.
10.  Hopefully fixed the last of the content bugs- set certain BRF flags to Taleworlds values, which may be causing instability on some hardware.
11. Fixed Enterprise bug.
12.  Fixed cross-dressing Man at Arms bug.
13.  Various other fixes and improvements.

Changelog:  1.06
1.  New semi-random battle scenes feature.
2.  Some re-balance of the bows (again).
3.  Rebalance for the Nords; Huscarls are always mounted, Valkyrie Elite will get some light armor, and the Valkyrie Expert has a better horse.
4.  Rebalance for the Scum and Villains, to make it slightly more practical to build a Bandit Army.
5.  Various tweaks for the tactical AI; now Lords will use tactics, but may charge at any time (this may mean that your Lord positions defensively, but the enemy Lords charge, or vice-versa, so you'll want to coordinate with your allies), and other smallish adjustments that should improve the tactical AI.
6.  Caravan bonus reduced.
7.  Training Grounds improvement should be working properly now.
8.  Peasant Revolutionaries and Brigands get a bonus to sneaking into Towns.
9.  Fixes for certain polearms, lances, and I think that the CTD bugs involving certain swords have all been fixed now.
10.  Semi-random scenes have spawn points fixed.
11.  It is now possible to recruit Vaegir horsemen  :roll:
12.  Halmar can be besieged properly.
13.  Sergeants will no longer start with armor they can't wear.
14.  Accuracy for most missile weapons has been increased.
15.  Fixes for cheat mode; you may now use Cheat Mode if Camping and have turned on cheats.  I do not know if this fixes all of the cheat mode errors, but it seems to be working again.
16.  Various other fixes and small improvements.

Changelog: 1.07
1.  All fights on the semi-random battlefields where the enemy has fewer than 80 troops will cause the troops to spawn nearer to the player, and they will charge immediately.  I.E., the early fights will be about like Native.  When the sizes of the armies get large enough, they start using tactics.
2.  Chance of random charge during each check, for forces using tactics, has been increased significantly.
3.  Ladies of the Kingdoms have finally been fixed so that they don't end up with the wrong skin colors.  If you're looking for beautiful Nubian queens, you have to visit the Sarranids.
4.  Short halberds can be used on horses.  Tested.
5.  Lances allow couching again.  Tested.
6.  Arena weapons have stats that are roughly equivalent to normal weapons.  This means arena combat is fairly fast and nasty, and the "train the peasants" mission is a bit less frustrating.
7.  Fixed shader for the new trees' bark; should help with performance problems for selected nVidia hardware.
8.  I think that the bugs with sneaking into places and fighting when you're trying to rescue prisoners leading to locked doors are now fixed.  This *should* resolve the bug with the key quest... if not, please let me know, I didn't have time to test it.
9.  Fixed various bugs related to bad spawn positions when reinforced.  This was causing a number of non-obvious problems; expect sieges to behave differently, amongst other things.
10.  Siege fixes for a few towns where the ladder was so high that the angle was causing some issues with AI troops.
11.  Big nerf for Barbarians as a class; troops cost more, penalties increased a bit, troops get less XP per battle.
12.  Vaegir costs changed.  Infantry went up, cavalry went down, archers remained about the same.  Their archers no longer get any random longbows.
13.  Tournament income is halved; if that isn't enough to keep them from being a viable source of income vs. fighting, it will get nerfed again.
14.  Nerfed darts back to 35/40P, which brings them back to their intended role, instead of being a generic de-thinginator.
15.  Nord Valkyries got a much-needed armor change; elites get better armor and better horses, Seekers of the Slain got a major armor upgrade, and should be reasonable cavalry now.  This was supposed to get done last build, but I forgot to change them.
16.  Various fixes put into place to keep Peasant Revolutionaries from either being offered peace, buying peace, or having peace happen due to Companion missions, etc.  Please let me know if there are any remaining loopholes.  They really aren't supposed to be able to make peace with the Factions, ever, at all.

Changelog: 1.08
1.  Fixed major bug with Siege reinforcements that was causing massive over-spawn leading to CTD in some cases.
2.  Fixed Companions who are promoted to Lords.  Companions now recruit troops, will patrol around their castles, etc.  Each Companion gets a unique blend of Faction, Mercenary and other troops.
3.  Added new Assassin armor by youhou (with rigging and other work by me) for the Sarranid Assassins.  This ultra-kewl armor makes you look awesome and stuff.
4.  Changed armor requirements and stats for a number of armors, to smooth the current curve in terms of Strength requirements and to add a bit more noise to the numbers.
5.  Added a new helmet specifically for females, the Battle Crown.  Doesn't hide hair.
6.  Fixed issues with Peasant Revolutionary, where certain events were triggering a Neutral state with Factions.  Hopefully this fixed the last of the Revolutionary bugs.
7.  Added a new Mercenary troop type- the Rhulg Destroyer.  These are heavy axe-men with seriously heavy armor and a special axe.
8.  Nord Valkyries weren't wearing boots.  Fixed.
9.  Training Centers now work instantly, and work correctly.
10.  Corrected text for Cannons and Crossbows/Firearms.
11.  Improved the installer; will now point to correct directory for most end-users.
12.  Various other fixes and improvements.

Changelog: 1.09
1.  Castles and Towns recruit properly again.
2.  Added cool new Dragon model- it is finally not just the Taleworlds pistol.
3.  Converted all model archives (BRFs) to the Warband format.  I haven't the foggiest whether this will solve people's problems if they're having technical issues, but it seems like it's made the game run more smoothly over here, and I haven't seen any stuttering or crashes since I did that so we'll see.
4.  Made the Female Mercenaries optional.  Open the Camp menu, click Mod Options, disable them, and voila, no more female mercenary troops in the taverns.
5.  I think the Village Raid fights are fixed, but I didn't get to test it and now I need to sleep.

Changelog: 1.10
1.  Found several items using normalmap shaders that still had RGBA diffuse, causing lockups during rendering passes; fixed textures.  This affected the Vaegir and the Swadians.
2.  New weapons:  double-barreled pistol and double-barreled dragon.  Almost twice the firepower, and very, very handy for siege fights,where one shot just isn't enough.
3.  Shot-shell is deadlier, out to a longer range.
4.  Dragons may no longer use explosive shells, Handgonnes / Mortars may no longer use shot-shells.  Be aware that this code is not perfectly debugged yet- right now if you try to equip the two, it will generally take it away and pay you for it, but not give it back.  This is not how it should work, but I need more time to fix it, so be aware that Dragons are no longer allowed to be "grenade launchers" and all will be well :smile:
5.  Nord Swordsmen have a chance to be equipped with a Dragon; this gives the Nords yet-another fun-yet-whacky assault troop, and Dragons with shot-shells are pretty good at killing cavalry, too.
6.  Realistic weather is now an option in the Mod Options menu (hit the Camp button to use these).  Realistic weather means you will see rain and fog on battlefields more often; depending on the terrain, it will vary.
7.  Auto-sort is now disable-able via a Mod Option.
8.  Player's castles auto-buy defensive troops automatically again.
9.  Made major changes to battle spawns; each spawn is significantly smaller, so that the load is lower, but they happen frequently enough to "stream" troops in.  This also largely fixes siege spawn issues with the new random distribution system.
10.  Major work on LODs and various details of the models, to try and improve framerate and reduce the chance of vertex-buffer lockups to as low as possible.
11.  Changed the background sounds a bit, to reduce load times and give a bit more variety.
12.  Fixed giving a fief to yourself bug.
13.  Yet-another fix for Peasant Revolutionaries and those pesky gets-to-neutral loopholes.  Hopefully it's finally impossible to achieve peace :smile:
14.  Fixed Caravans not re-populating as they get killed off.
15.  Basic Patrol spawning implemented; this may still be a bit buggy, but we'll just have to see.
16.  Fixed the poor Slavers who weren't getting boots.  Now only the lowest-level Slavers may be bootless.
17.  Adjusted Leather Armor down to the same levels as the armors in the same weight / cost / STR category.
18.  Took a stab at fixing the multiplayer items; please let me know if that didn't work.
19.  Various other fixes and improvements.

Changelog: 1.11
1.  Peasant Revolutionaries may now administer towns they've captured.
2.  The "rescue prisoner" quest is now 100% repaired.  Kill the guard to get the keys (you don't have to talk to them first), talk to the Companion/Lord in the prison, escape (keep them alive!) or kill the enemies, and they will join you again.
3.  Implemented Deathcam; this feature of old Mount and Blade mods wasn't entirely compatible with Warband, so I made major changes.  Upon being knocked unconscious, you may cycle through all friendly units, using a third-person view.  You may not issue any orders, but you can watch the battle unfold for as long as you like.  This gives a big advantage in some situations, but keep in mind that if it's a siege and nobody is on Charge, the siege may never end.
4.  Patrols may now be given an order to follow the player around, and will join in nearby battles, and no longer have broken dialog.
5.  Enemies who aren't Lords may now join battles against you.  This may lead to some interesting fights, heh.
6.  Cattle follow the player.
7.  Realistic Weather is 100% working, finally.  Fogginess and rain / snow will vary substantially.  May be turned off via a mod option (camp menu).
8.  New cheater toys (I'll let the cheaters figure them out).
9.  New weapon:  a Chinese Chu-ko-nu (repeating crossbow).  Reloads extremely rapidly, holds 7 rounds for rapid fire (literally almost as fast as you can tap, if you don't want to bother with accuracy), but is inherently inaccurate, has a low range, and is weak.
10.  New weapon:  Boleadora (invented by several cultures, much like spear-throwers et al), or Bola.  This is an entangling weapon, useless against humans but very deadly to horses.  Think of it as an area-effect weapon designed for killing charging knights's steeds, and you get the idea.
11.  Changes to existing weapons:  solid-shot actually works correctly (i.e., it is a one-hit-kill vs. practically anything), shot-shells work more consistently, and explosive shells work better vs. armored troops.
12.  New mercenary troop:  Chu-ko-nu mercs.  These are lightly-armored spam archers with polearms for backup.  Surprisingly nasty, but they won't stop serious tanks.
13.  Swadian crossbowman stats fixed.
14.  Much more difficult Deserter parties on Normal and Mommy, to add a bit more challenge to the "wandering monsters".  These can be quite nasty.
15.  Killing people with Dragons in town can result in the town guards trying to kill you, and everybody else runs away.  You psychopathic murderers, you :wink:
16.  Patrols and other parties are no longer named incorrectly, with giant strings.
17.  Nifty fade-in effect for most battle scenes, to hide the usual ugliness while textures load.
18.  Some stat-shifting for armors.  Still needs more, but I got distracted.
19.  Enemies using tactics will no longer try to form lines, etc. right next to the edge of the battlefield (which causes various silly things to happen).
20.  Battles now allow for much larger numbers of reinforcements per round; this makes "endless sieges" very unlikely, and you can now defeat nearly 600 enemy troops in open-field battles.
21.  Various other improvements, fixes and changes.

Changelog: 1.12
1.  Fixed Bola bug.  No longer an amazing super-weapon.
2.  Turning off Realistic Weather (via Camp --> Mod Options) turns off all weather effects permanently and globally.  May help with people suffering random crashes after this was put into the mod.
3.  Realistic Tactics option added; AI is not as likely to charge the player's armies.  This option is OFF by default, as requested.
4.  Various tweaks to tactics added; AI will re-evaluate its situation more often, and adjust its current tactics accordingly.
5.  Retreating from a battle or siege results in a Morale penalty, with explanations depending on the event.  Retreating continuously to cherry-pick a battlefield is a Bad Idea.
6.  Morale penalty for being in debt added; this already occurred in Native, but it wasn't severe enough.  Don't go into debt, it's not a good idea.
7.  Caravans and Village Farmer parties no longer join battles, friendly or no.
8.  Loot scheme changed; party's share has been halved, various juggling has been done, and the net result should be more loot on average for players.  This may need to be nerfed later by reducing the resale value of loot, depending on the size of the hauls.
9.  When the AI spawns in open-field fights, the position shifts randomly, preventing player armies from sitting on it as easily.
10.  Various other small tweaks and minor fixes.

Changelog: 1.135
1.  Money from battles returned to old levels.
2.  Retreating triggers the correct text explaining the Morale drops now, and Tab no longer triggers an auto-retreat.
3.  Some polearms weren't labeled as such in the stores; fixed.
4.  You can now auto-sell all your prisoners at once to Ransom Brokers / Tavern Keepers, without having to enter the Prisoner Management screen.  See new options in their dialogs.

Changelog: 1.14
1.  Many new items added; new horses, some new armors, the Gun-Axe (a real-life medieval "combi-weapon") and more.
2.  Huge difference in FPS, due to changes to the content preparation.  Expect much smoother battles.  Occasional crashes still happen to some users on some hardware (i.e., it's happened to me) but it's been happening in Native for me since 1.127 was released, so I am pretty sure it's an engine thing.

3.  Major gameplay changes, fixes, and alterations:

A.  When starting a new character, players are now presented with the Mod Options, instead of it being buried in the Camp menu only.  It is still available via Camp, but I think new players simply aren't aware of the options, so that's been changed.

B.  Realistic Tactics:  the AI is permitted to use defensive tactics, if this is appropriate.  Having this option on doubles the XP and gold you and your party receives after battle atm, subject to review when people have had a chance to play for awhile.  It makes the mod considerably harder.

C.  Realistic Casualties:  your casualties are much more like the real thing; fighting against a superior foe, you may expect to take 10% dead, not wounded, troops... and that's a very successful battle.  This option makes the mod considerably harder, so (for now) it gives only a minor bonus (so if you turn it off, it's effectively only a minor penalty).

D.  Realistic Fatigue:  your troops cannot fight endless battles all day.  Fighting more than 3 times in a day will cause your troops to become fatigued, and they will lose Morale as a result.

4.  Fixed prisoner bug, where prisoners sold en masse were generating considerably more income than they should have.
5.  Fixed various Peasant Revolutionary bugs; you may not become a Vassal, you may not ask the Lords for jobs, your Faction will never have a negative Relation with you, etc.
6.  Fixed various bugs with the gold / xp system- it got totally re-written, and functions a lot more cleanly than it used to.
7.  Nords are a lot shootier than they used to be.  I am fairly certain they are balanced, if not OP, vs. the other major contenders now.  The only Faction that still has serious issues are the Khergits, and I'm open to ideas.
8.  Various small improvements to the tactical system.
9.  Various bug-fixes  and improvements to the battle system, deathcam, etc.
10.  Numerous other fixes and small improvements.

Changelog: 1.15
1.  New weapons:  the Spear-Gun and Nest of Bees.  These are both (real, historical, fairly-well-simulated) early gunpowder weapons, used by the Chinese mercenaries employed by the Mongols.  The Nest of Bees is especially nasty.
2.  The Khergits now use both weapons, and you can recruit troops using them.  Beware the Khergits.  They're fairly dangerous now.
3.  Regional mercenaries have been introduced.  These are special, elite troops, only available in certain regions.  They have interesting special abilities.  On Normal and Mommy, the Lords recruit them.
Because I know that the next question will be, "what are they?" here's a brief description:

Nords get Felhammirs.  Basically, Beserkirs with giant hammers.  Theoretically, the most damage output in the game, in hth.

Rhodoks get Gaucho Pikemen.  I am fairly certain they are the most horse-stopping thing in the game, and Rhodoks with pikes... heh...

Khergits get Chu-ko-nu and Nest of Bees armed missile infantry.  Nasty spammers.

Vaegir get the Rhulg Destroyers.  If you haven't met them yet... they're huge guys in heavy armor with giant axes and lots of choppy-choppy.

Swadians get Landknechts and Royal Huntsmen- heavy two-handers and reasonable light archers.

Sarranids get Camel Jezzailis.  Because, you know, they weren't dangerous enough, just riding camels  :grin:

4.  The bandits on Mommy now get some of the regional mercs, making them even more dangerous.  I have a feeling the Sea Raiders are a little scary now.  You may want to stick to Looters until you're totally ready.
5.  Certain big swords may use a half-sword thrust that has pretty good Penetrating damage.  This makes two-handed swords more effective vs. heavy armors.
6.  Bastard swords may be used with one or both hands.  However- the engine penalizes damage if they're used one-handed.  Be aware of this.
7.  Indoor battles bug fixed.
8.  You can now follow a friendly Group like in Native.
9.  Various warning stuff in rgl log has been addressed by adding the relevant scripts.
10.  MP Duel Mode is now supported.
11.  Various superfluous economic code has been cut out.
12.  Updated various things for Warband 1.131.
13.  When you are knocked unconscious, starting the Death Cam mode causes both sides to charge.  You may want to use this tactically.
14. Heroic Health- an option that gradually refills everybody's health over time.  No penalty atm, since it's not terrifically awesome and you can still die instantly.  You could, theoretically, solo a castle with it, but... eh, if you want to waste that much of your life, be my guest :wink:  Off by default.
15.  Various fixes / improvements to the tactical AI.
16.  The new Taleworlds music is used.
17.  Various other bugfixes and improvements.

Changelog: 1.16
1.  New shield-bash attack.  Uses left or right CTRL key (for lefties).  Knocks down people near the player for a little bit, allowing you to backpedal and escape from being surrounded.
2.  New ammunition system for armies.  Requires army ammunition supplies, so that ammo isn't endless.
3.  Nerfed ammo for firearms / crossbows to 30 rounds.
4.  New Cannon ammunition system, where players may only have one type of Cannon with the appropriate ammunition (with the notable exception of Dragons, where single / double-barrels can be both used).  Fixes a lot of exploits / unintended behaviors with the Cannons.
5.  Nest of Bees can only be used dismounted now.
6.  Swadian mounted knights and swordsmen have shields now.
7.  Fixed various bugs with Village Raids, so that the fatigue level isn't raised to ridiculous levels and spawns work correctly.
8.  New Realistic Fatigue System, whereby troops who are fatigued are knocked out, instead of having Morale drop through the floor.  This doesn't necessarily make it easier, but it will hopefully make it less frustrating, since armies won't disintegrate if you have to fight a huge number of battles.
9.  Reworked food.  The foods that give a significant Morale bonus are a lot more expensive, and there's less per stack.  But they give more bonus than they used to.  Think of it as a reward system- buy your troops some beer or fine foods to raise their spirits, etc.
10.  Reworked trade goods and availability of trade goods in areas where they're produced.  It really makes sense to be a Merchant now.
11.  New female armors.  New female mercs will follow when I have time to finish the paint.
12.  New deathcam system that allows free deathcam movement.  It's really nice.
13.  Fixed "I can't join this battle" issues.
14.  Fixed some odd issues with certain dialogues.  There's almost certainly a deeper bug there, but I think it's related to an engine issue with Agent IDs.
15.  Manhunter groups actually spawn enough troops to not be total pushovers.  Committing crimes (raiding villages) causes the player to be put on their 'bad' list, and they'll attack you.
16.  Caravan Masters have decent equipment now.
17.  I think cattle herds are fixed now.
18.  Nerfed gold payoffs for both battles and prisoners.  Battle gold halved, prisoner gold is now effected by Realism settings.
19.  Bastard swords do more damage than arming swords, when used two-handed.
20.  New weapon:  the Bwanga (an African throwing-axe).  These are very nasty, but you can't carry very many of them.  Sarranid Assassins use them now, instead of throwing knives- watch out :wink:
21.  New food type:  hard-tack.  Gives no Morale bonus, but it will feed an army for quite some time, preventing Morale loss due to lack of food.
22.  Added Switch Weapons script.  Uses F9-F12 to swap weapons.  Not incredibly useful in this mod, but it's sometimes handy.
23.  Made some changes to the module variables that, on my hardware at least, have significantly improved stability.
24.  Fixed army counts for reinforcements; they now take allies into account.
25.  Changes / bugfixes for the troop morale system in battles; expect troops to rout more often.
26.  You can now renounce your oath if your Faction doesn't like you.
27.  Increased price of Vaegir troops.
28.  Lots of small changes, tweaks and improvements.

Changelog: 1.17
1.  Revamp of the Nords.  They get Spearmen in place of the Swordsmen, making them considerably better at dealing with Pierce-resistant foes.  They get really good Piercing throwing spears, and should be very effective vs. armored enemies.
2.  Both the Mercenary Archer and the Sergeant get substantial new buffs and improvements:

Mercenary Archers get a unique weapon, the Mourn Bow, and a large buff to their archery skills.  They are "epic bowmen", in the Legolas tradition, easily able to kill practically any opponent in 1 or 2 hits.  They also get a buff to costs for mercenaries.

Sergeants get a fairly major buff for costs for hiring non-mercenaries.  This makes them ideal for leading Faction armies on the cheap.

3.  On Mommy, after 45 days have passed, the Death Knights appear.  What this means I'll leave for players to find out.  Call it an early Halloween surprise, because you will be scared :wink:
4.  Various improvements and buffs for the Companions.  A lot of them come with horses; several have stats substantially boosted, and most importantly, none of them are level-locked and unable to advance and grow any more.
Special note:  Deshavi can finally do the job Taleworlds designed her for.
5.  You may "re-spec" via the Camp Menu.  Due to an issue with the engine, I wasn't able to do it like I wanted, but it's an interesting thing to play with anyhow.  Just don't do it if you have Realistic Saves on unless you've tried it out first.
6.  Various bugs have been fixed.  There are some major ones in the current list that, due to time issues, were not resolved.  I appreciate people's patience, but unfortunately my time has become limited.

Changelog: 1.18
1.  New stats allow you to boost characters and Companions in new ways.  Be sure to read the descriptions.
2.  Fixes the infamous Death Knight bug- they actually appear on the day they're supposed to.
3.  Fixes various other bugs (not to say that the mod is now bug-free, of course).

Changelog: 1.181
1.  1.181 removes the F5 cheat and fixes a Party ID bug affecting certain types of encounters.

Changelog: 1.19
1.  Bugfixes:

A.  Units-cannot-die bug is fixed.
B.  Dodging now works, most of the time, even for insta-kills.  It's still not 100% perfect, but it's close.  A side-effect remains; sometimes you're returned to full health, due to the way that insta-death events are handled.  Merry Christmas.  It's not supposed to do it, but it works otherwise like it was intended to.
C.  Fixed error message when forcing villagers to give you goods.
D.  Fixed not getting loot, experience or captives when fighting during a village raid.
E.  Fixed new_trade_system party id bug (I hope- that one was complicated).
F.  Fixed RGL crash with Nord Huscarls.
G.  I think maybe the after-combat summary is fixed, but I'm not 100% sure.  Fairly complicated mess there.
H.  I think maybe the Lord / fief issues are fixed, but again, I'm not entirely sure- it depends on how you get to that dialog.

2.  Changes, additions and improvements:

A.  General tightening of balance for a number of weapons and fixes.  Nerfed double dragon slightly, buffed the flintlock pistol and double flintlock considerably, in terms of reload speed, but dropped the effective ranges.  Fixed a bunch of issues with AOE weapons that were causing them to not operate properly; generally if you hit people with AOE, it will work now, whether they're on a castle wall or on the ground.
B.  Huuuuuuge graphics upgrade.  I mean, really, really huge.  Terrains are back to how they should have been, before whatever got broken because of engine-side changes.  I made use of some new code and techniques to build snazzy new procedural terrains, and made everything look much, much nicer and more interesting.  And then there are all the other graphics improvements:  AO for most armors, which makes them look a bit less flat, AO for faces, which really improves how they look, all sorts of fixes for small graphics glitches and generally, this set of changes added a great deal more polish to what was, prior to the terrain stuff being glitched, one of the more visually-polished experiences in Warband, if I do say so myself.  The mod looks really good now.
C.  Added a bunch of new armors, helmets and things.  Narf's cool Russian stuff is in, including the rigged helmets.  There are Templar armors for males and females, and a bunch of reskinned female armors.  In addition, I used OpenBRF's newest trick to build nice, working female versions of most of the armors in the mod, so women no longer look like Mack trucks when they put on certain armors.
D.  Cool new masks for male and female characters to wear.  They're not common in stores, but if you're patient and look around, you'll find them.
E.  Better explosion effects for some things.
F.  Hand grenades!  Yes, they had them in the Middle Ages- it was one of the first uses of gunpowder.  Maybe next time I'll do the flamethrowers, heh.  They're pretty nasty, and a great equalizer- good for defensive situations or getting out of a crowd.  Not much ammo, though.
G.  New troops of various kinds.  I'll let people figure that out.
H.  Some new Semi-Random battle scenes in the steppes and desert.  Practically all of them feel considerably different because of the general upgrade of the scenery, though.
I.  Various other small things.

Note:  I did not change Heroic Health.  In the end, I decided that it's a crutch that people who think Normal is too easy but aren't ready for hardcore on Mommy need.  I will review that when I'm back.

Changelog: 1.191

1.  Bugfix:  conversations with Companions will no longer cause huge lag.
2.  Possible-but-not-probable bugfix:  made it impossible for attackers to injure themselves, period.  I don't think that will fix whatever caused weird 'skating' under very specific conditions, though.

Small improvements:
1.  Enterprises now have a wider range of payouts.  The more expensive they are, the more consistent the payoff, but the lower the high end is.
2.  Fixed Tournament equipment for the dismounted archer; now starts with axe and shield as well as a bow.


Grandmaster Knight
Changelog: 1.2

New features:
1.  Armies of the Undead!  Skeletal hordes appear on the Normal levels of difficulty and higher, giving players an additional new challenge to deal with.  Beware; the Undead are resistant to missile weapons, and are moderately difficult to defeat, but are very rewarding to fight, in terms of experience and gold.
2.  New battle scenes.
3.  Integration of Caba'drin's Pre-Battle Deployment system, allowing commanders to shape their forces according to the threat they have to meet.  This is a very useful addition to the game, and I hope that everyone enjoys using it as much as I have :smile:
4.  Integration of Mordachai's Autoloot System (Blood and Steel revision, please note that the code's considerably altered, Open Source people).  This code allows for streamlined management of armor upgrades for your Companions.  It will not attempt to manage weapons or horses, merely armor; but it's powerful and flexible.  The Blood and Steel version handles female armors correctly, and will not cross-dress men in female-only armors (well, at least it doesn't in testing here, heh).
5.  Better performance than ever, by integrating various new tricks into the content.
6.  New troops to hire and fight and weapons to use; a fairly large amount of new content from the wonderful artists we have around here, such as Mackie, Llew and Wei Xiadi.  Hire Cataphracts, Fusiliers and Samurai.
7.  New firearms, to add even more variety to the cornucopia of weaponry available (because, gosh, we didn't have enough ways to kill the foe before).  The Duelist's Pistol and the Blunderbus are both interesting and nasty.
8.  Even more crazy varieties of mercenary and Faction troops to hire and use.

Bug Fixes:
1.  AOE weapons have been extensively changed, getting rid of a bunch of nasty bugs in their behaviors.  In general, players will find that they're less powerful against highly armored enemies, making the gameplay more balanced.
2.  Various fixes to Fancy Damage System, incorporating the latest Taleworlds code and utilizing it more effectively.
3.  Various fixes for some dialogue issues.
4.  Various fixes for MP play, mainly getting the money to make sense so that it's playable.  MP is still very un-polished; if somebody would be interested in working on the MP code, please contact me.
5.  Fixes for the auto-generated objects on most battlefields; those pesky stumps are still around, but you'll find that fewer troops will get stuck on things.  It'll never be 100% perfect, especially with the houses, but it's closer.

Balance changes:
1.  No more easy money (again).  This is a pendulum that has swung back and forth a lot throughout the mod's development, mainly due to bug fixes occasionally making money a little too easy; in 1.19, money balance was terrible, due to getting far more prisoners than should have happened, but this has been addressed and patched.  Expect gameplay, especially at the Mommy level of difficulty, to return to the traditional levels of difficulty.  I expect to hear some complaints about this, but this has been playtested a lot over here, and it appears to be about what it was intended to be (i.e., Mommy is really hard again).
2.  Bastard sword damage has been improved.
3.  Various balance tweaks to Cannons.
4.  Crossbows reload at a better rate, putting them into a tier between bows and firearms; this means that crossbow-armed troops remain competitive into late game, if not quite as powerful as the best firearm troops.
5.  The Nords get a new line of mercenary troops, armed with firearms.  Watch out for Nord Deserters.
6.  Rhodoks have a new line of mercenary troops, armed with firearms.  This makes the Rhodoks on Mommy considerably more shooty.
7.  On Mommy levels of difficulty, Factions with Cannons that weren't ever using them (i.e., the Swadians) now deploy them in smallish numbers in Faction armies.  Smallish numbers of Mercenary troops armed with Cannons show up in the Lord armies of everybody else.  Sieges just got a lot more... interesting, heh.
8.  On Mommy, you now have the option of starting the Day of Doom on the first day.  Fight the armies of the Dark or Light, if you dare.
9.  Various balance tweaks to the character classes, to make their money balance a little tighter.  It's probably not perfect yet, but it's closer to what it's supposed to be.
10.  Various fixes and improvements to the tactical AI.
11.  And many other smallish improvements, balance tweaks, and general polish.

Changelog: 1.21

1.  Dodge is now able to be turned off (for all battles) via a Mod Option.
2.  Fixed prisoners-not-recruitable bug.
3.  Rhulg and Ronin prices increased.  About darn time, for the Rhulg- they were only level 50 :razz:
4.  Auto-loot talk-to option removed.
5.  Alley fight now allows proper cannon code.
6.  count_casualties_and_adjust_morale script fixed so that it will ignore bad party ids.
7.  If you've won the battle and the enemies are all fleeing, they're auto-killed after 15-29 seconds, to avoid stuck enemies at the end of fights.
8.  You can recruit freed prisoners again.
9.  Looting works considerably better; expect more variety and fewer "empty loots".  Note that this change doesn't make it impossible to not get any loot, just rather unlikely.

Changelog: 1.22

1.  Fixed the damage system, so that it actually works like it's supposed to.  Expect major changes in how balance feels.
2.  Fixed "routed enemies show up to fight us again" bugs.
3.  Fixed some bugs in various weapons that were preventing them from being used properly with 1 or 2 hands.
4.  Fixed some balance issues with a few weapons.
5.  Improved the variability of the two-handed axes.
6.  Improved balance of two-handed swords.
7.  Various other minor improvements and bug-fixes.

Changelog: 1.23

New major improvements:

1.  A major bug-fix  for everybody (including myself) suffering from the stutter bugs and occasional crashes, which turned out to be sound-related.  I suspect that many people who had trouble playing the game or getting through large battles will find that it's now fixed.
2.  Revamp of the content, using the latest OpenBRF, to address certain issues with normalmaps.

Balance changes:
1.  Further fixes and improvements for the damage system, including better handling of critical hits, damage vs. horses for certain weapons, and other things.
2.  Fixes for AOE weapons working on the enemy but not on your party.
3.  The Lords finally (yes, FINALLY) have had their equipment customized to fit their Faction's theme!!  Finally... heh.
4.  Lords are considerably more dangerous as individuals.  Expect them to have the same impact that Companions now have.
5.  Big huge giant (did I mention it was big?) fix for money issues.  Loot makes a higher percentage of incoming cash; prisoner prices strongly influenced by Trade and Persuasion (getting Ymira early is probably a good idea).
6.  Fixed bug with skeleton armors being lootable.
7.  Buffed trade system upwards; trade is even more useful than before.
8.  Castles and towns spawn larger numbers of troops, and have a higher upper limit on Mommy.  Lord parties on Mommy are also larger.
9.  Other minor improvements and changes.  Basically, Mommy is back to being fairly difficult again, if not entirely perfect.

Changelog: 1.24

Bug fixes:

1.  Trade system bugs fixed, pretty sure it's all working as planned.
2.  Cannons brought to a battle without ammo are removed from inventory.
3.  Various issues with selling prisoners straightened out.  Expect a minor buff to prisoner prices.
4.  All of the Lords are now equipped correctly when you meet them on battlefields.
5.  Provided a possible fix for bad tactical behaviors; this has not been tested, but will *hopefully* cause the AI to behave more randomly and to not send infantry / cavalry charging by itself very often.
6.  Various other fixes, including some additional cleanup of the Fancy Damage System.

New Features:

1.  AOE explosive weapons get knockdown effect, but are less lethal, in most cases.  This does *not* prevent chunky-salsa kills from the Nest of Bees or multiple Cannon hits, and that's on purpose.
2.  Made various changes to troop loadouts; the Nords in particular got a small buff, in terms of armor.
3.  The Russkis get some Cataphracts; they were too easy to roll over with missile armies, as my playthrough indicated :wink:
4.  Re-balanced the 1H axes to provide this class of weapon with a bit more utility.
5.  Minor tweaks to the 2H axes.
6.  Tweaked the pikes to allow use with shields; I don't know if this will have animation issues or not, but I've decided that if it does, we'll just have to live with them.  You can finally simulate Greek tactics and formations to some extent.
7.  Rhodok Spearmen get pikes at Elite level, and grenades.  They are probably amongst the most dangerous defensive troops in the game atm.
8.  Differentiated between Eastern arrows and European war-arrows; you trade better damage for more ammo, or vice-versa, and troops are equipped with the correct types for their bows.  This makes the Nord longbowmen and the Merry Men a bit more dangerous.
9.  You can now sell gear and prisoners to Caravans.  Just speak to the Caravan Master, and it will be obvious.  Nice time-saver sometimes.  Still need to work on Caravan availability in late game on Mommy, though.
10.  The Manhunters finally don't suck.  Their Elites and Experts are almost worth having around, and they get bigger forces, so they're not just rubbish on the battlefield after the first few hours.
11.  Adjusted various party loadouts a bit.
12.  Other stuff I can't be bothered to remember right now  :mrgreen:

Changelog: 1.241

1.241 fixes a bug in 1.24 with the tactical system.  It is highly recommended to update to this version of the mod, if playing 1.24.

Changelog: 1.242

1.242 fixes a bug in the tactical AI, that prevented it from charging if the enemy army approached.  It also addressed a problem with certain Manhunter troops not functioning correctly.

Changelog: 1.243

1.  Fixed various scripting errors leading to bad string results.
2.  Fixed two-handed maces not operating correctly.
3.  Mourn Bow and Deshavi's Bow can no longer be looted if you're defeated.
4.  You can now free prisoners at a location by paying the jailer a 10,000 dinar bribe.  Must have 10K in cash, though.
5.  Re-fixed the fix for sounds.  Should result in error-free operation on most people's hardware.
6.  Fixed Lord armor issues.

Changelog: 1.25

New Features:

About half of a major graphics update.  Expect everything to look considerably different.  Not all of it is as polished as I'd like yet, but I think it's a big improvement overall.


1.  Fix for Warband 1.142's damage routines.
2.  Fixes to taxation and income from Investments.
3.  Various other fixes and small improvements.

Changelog: 1.251
Release 1.251 is a bugfix release for 1.25.

Bugs fixed:

1.  Realistic Tactics, when OFF, sets all parties other than the players to charge into combat, instead of using tactics (it got broken during the other tactics fixes).  You are still penalized for turning it off, of course :wink:

2.  Vaegir Champion Helm's rigging and setup has been fixed.  Vaegir helms with chainmail coifs are all rigged now.  Should do this to the other helms that need it, but am busy with my other games atm.

3.  Prison dialogues changed a lot, to fix some bugs I left in while coding a very fast fix late at night :smile:  Should allow for players to free prisoners by paying 10,000 dinars.

4.  Updated all changed header, process and other files necessary to achieve 100% Warband 1.142 compliance for source builds.

5.  Removed now-redundant damage display spam; turn on Warband's standard damage display to see damage dealt.

Changelog: 1.5:

Uh... it's big?  Seriously, I know it's terrible, terrible to not say much, but, eh... it's basically had a giant facelift, a bunch of big features added and I just can't be bothered to remember all of it, let alone write it all down.  Very sorry if that's irksome!

Changelog: 1.151:

Slowed down Golem parties so that they can't chase down player parties as easily.

Changelog: 1.152:


Bug with Bandit Lair assignment.
Bug with Aleph spawning in inappropriate circumstances.
Bug with Persuasion not giving bonus to item sales.
Bug with Prisoner Management falsely reporting that it's a Party skill.
Bug with Tavern Brawl putting player into endless loop if player only has missile weapons equipped.
Bug with Holy Army conversations fixed.
Bug with Player spawning instead of appropriate troops in "escape from guards" mission fixed.


Vaegir core color changed to something less confusing with the Army of Darkness's crimson.  Needs restart to see.
Giant battles are subject to proportional losses, loser pays additional casualties to better-simulate large battles.  I need feedback on how to change this major feature to get this balanced.
Marnid now costs 250,000 to hire, to slow getting the Aleph down a bit.
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