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Change Warband In Game Battle Size Option by Editing "module.ini" not rgl_config.txt

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I would like to bring to everyone attention that you can change the game "battle size" option limit inside the "module.ini" file of any Warband Module.
This can be an alternative method to changing "battle_size" in "rgl_config.txt" giving you more freedom to change back to your prefer battle size inside the game option menu if the new battle size cause you problems instead of going back to the "rgl_config.txt" file.

My Purpose of starting this Discussion is to know WHY this Method of changing Battle Size is not More Commonly Known by Regular Players of Warband. When searching for a way to change Warband Battle Size The Top Results are always:
1.change "battle_size" in "rgl_config.txt"
2. use the Warband Battle Size Changer Mod.

To go into more detail:
I was editing the player_xp_multiplier inside Viking Conquest Module.ini when I saw a few lines below was these lines:
battle_size_min = 150
battle_size_max = 750
So I decided to change this because the Max Battle Size in Native and other mods i use was 150.Every time you change the battle size for 1 mod you change the battle size for all the Mods so I Like them all to have the Min Battle Size of 80 and Max Battle Size of 150.(And No I Don't Like To Use a Mod to Just Change Battle Size. Looking at you Warband Battle Size Changer)
So I Copy These Lines I Edited in Viking Conquest's Module.ini to all The Mods and Native Warband's Module.ini
battle_size_min = 80
battle_size_max = 150

module_name = Calradia
compatible_with_warband = 1

battle_size_min = 80
battle_size_max = 150

num_hints = 12

auto_create_note_indices = 0 #Do not automatically search through all troops/factions/towns to check if they have note text.

Note: I Find You can place these lines anywhere in the Module.ini, but i like to keep it at the top so I Can Easily Find It And Know which Module.ini I Have not Edited
The Battle Size Slider in the Option Menu of all the Module should Have It Limit set to 80 and 150.

Now I Know you can Change Battle Size in the "rgl_config.txt" file but what I don't like about that method is you don't know the exact number that you just change the battlesize to (all we know is battle_size = 1.0000 is equivalent to 150 and if you change the battle_size in the "rgl_config.txt" file then the battle size slider in the game option menu will look TERRIBLE and if for some reason you change the slider back to 150 in the option menu than the battle_size in the rgl_config.txt file will reset back to battle_size = 1.0000 .

So I Hope This Will Raise Player Awareness to an alternative to change battle size in Warband.(Editing the Module.ini File)

Please Note that this is my first time starting a Thread(Discussion) in The TaleWorlds Forums so Any Help To Improve the Quality and Visibility of My Discussion is Welcome.
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So I Just Try Out These Changes to the Module.ini on a number of Mods . and I concluded that what
battle_size_min ;battle_size_max does is change the in game Battle Size Slider Option VISUALLY AND DOES NOT ACTUALY CHANGE THE AMOUNT OF SOILDERS ON THE FIELD AT THE SAME TIME
SO I COULD SET battle_size_min = 250 battle_size_max = 1000 and the Battle Size Slider Option will show these numbers but they will keep them at the original Battle Size Limit of Min=70 Max=150 In Game, so the Changes in the Option Menu does not have any affect what so ever.

So the ONLY WAYS to change Battle Size is to use Warband Battle Size Changer Mod or edit the rgl_config.txt.

I Am So Sorry for creating a Thread That does not Provide any new Useful Information to Others.
Now to Restore my Module.ini file to it original state :sad:
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