Change Rebellion to a Mission

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Here are my thoughts:

We siege enough, Rebellions creating another siege doesn't add variety.
The stupid Rebel Clans stick around forever and are annoying.
The end result of a Rebellion is the need to re-stock the garrison and start over on the militia.

Change the Rebellion to a Mission for the Town Owner and/or Kingdom Leader.
You have 30 days to resolve the mission.
Failure means the Town reverts back to its Cultural Kingdom. If the Kingdom no longer exists, it re-creates the Kingdom with a Tier 3 and Tier 2 Clan.
Success or failure on the mission and the Garrison and Militia stay.

The mission would be an assault at night similar to a Hideout. Gates are closed, one ladder is placed by the wall. You take 20 troops and against 50 Defenders that are spread throughout the town. Once you clear the town, you move into the Keep against 20 more defenders.

I think this would be a fun change because if everyone is like me you almost never wander around town, this would allow us to use the town. Also, it would remove two annoying parts about Rebellions.

What does anyone else think?
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