Change Player Faction Color

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Knight at Arms
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Usually when you turn red that means you are the ruler of your own kingdom.
You have declared independence from your liege .
How did you have your own "Lords" before independence.
We you working with a pretender?
If so, I am not sure what is supposed to happen because I haven't ever done a campaign with a pretender.
Does anyone have experience with this campaign type?


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Hi, sorry to resurrect an old post, but I've not had much luck with this so far, I've replaced the code for factions in the factions.txt file and the line mentioned in presentation.txt, but I get a different colour to what I expect. The colour code I used is 1B47FFFC, to try and get a medium blue colour, but instead, I get a very pale yellow colour. My current working theory is that the game doesn't use hexidecimal code for colours, in that case, does anyone know what colour coding system the game does use?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks for your time.