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change color and length of blade

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i've tried using wings for the length but i keep getting some blotchy mess of a thing after using the extrude function. maybe i should be using somethingelse? OpenBRF is good but as far as i can tell, it only allows uniform color changes. also, when i test my dummy file it says the mesh can't be found. i copied and pasted the name directly from the BRF file directly to the item file.

I dont think it can have spaces in the file name (check if u loaded the .brf in module.ini too) . Also dont use extrude just scale it along the X, Y or Z axis. Extruding it would require you to alter the UV map of the mesh.
haha well that was easy once i knew what to look for. thanks!. i don't have any spaces in the name though and obj file was directly imported into a BRF file that was already in the module.

ok so i noticed every mesh in the BRF has a check mark in the "tangent dirs" box aside from my failed attempts at importing a custom mesh. correlation?

and for anyone who reads this in the future, i may have figured out how to change the color of a blade. right click the weapon in openBRF and click split into connected sub-meshes. from there, select the piece you want recolored and do your thing. after that, you may have to remerge them.

got it to load after giving the mesh its own BRF file  :party:
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