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I just wanted to make game start harder by decreasing the army's base size (which seems currently 20)
I have downloaded several mods like Modular Army Size, V's No Player Army Size Limit , but they don't seem to work in 1.5.9
Is there any script or code to change or modify army's base size ?
Could you just limit the soldiers you recruit?
that's an improper solution
No I think it's fine, just use less troops. And you're talking about your party base size? I f you reduced army size instead it would make the game massively easier since it would limit the npc's too.
Just curios what do you think the difference is between using less troops and modding to lower you party size?
Looks like you posted the same thread on the mod board too.


I was speaking about lowering my own BASE army size which lowers the amount of troops you can recruit earlier in the game, which will make the game both more challenging and enjoyable


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I've never tried reducing but this has working party size tweaks:


I finally found a solution, i set my steward level to a negative value and that seemed to solve the problem.


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Yeah but asking to make the game harder out of personal preference is EEHHH
But a difficulty slider of sorts would be cool I guess when it comes to troop count
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