Champions Online, going free to play.

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While I know that people here tend to well, to put it bluntly, have quite a prejudice against MMOS here. Still most don't mind a free game to try once in a while.
So I thought I'd let you know that Champions online is going free to play. And will be open for all at 25th of January.


**** yeah!

I bought that thing but never touched it after my first 30 days were up. I really didn't think it was worth a monthly subscription.

But free to play, that's great.


Well crap, Free to Play is going to be a different, limited version, according to a post on the Champions forums:

Free to Play is really just a watered down version of the game. You are locked into powersets called Archetypes, have less options in the character creator (though you can buy the additional parts) and do not have access to the adventure packs (unless you buy them seperately).

If you buy the game you'll get 30 days of subscription free. A Subscriber has full access to the WHOLE game - Free form characters choosing what ever powers they like, a bunch of costume parts included (Some are still retail only) and access to the adventure packs.

Also, Free to Play doesn't have a release date yet. We know its soon(ish) but that's all. If you wanna play the proper game now, pick it up.

Free to Play is gonna be great, but to truly enjoy CO, you'll want a subscription.

That's just my opinion of course. I have a life time sub from the first time they were available. I don't regret it one bit
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