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Suggestions and Discussion

Here you are free to talk about the tournament, give suggestions and discuss various related topics.

My bad if I posted in the wrong section, but you should still permaban him from the tournament, he is a toxic guy who should be left out
Just out of curiosity who is w0lven and what he done

w0lven aka "Forever"

As he was caught cheating in the past, the player w0lven aka "Forever" will be suspended for the remainder of this tournament as per rule § 2 .

Afaik he's a turkish PK player and got caught cheating there, also banevaded in a few tournaments.
You can also use the search function on the top right corner, works most of the times.
Aren't week 2 stats going to be gone at this rate as well? Would be a shame tbh, stats/betting/trashtalking, things like that are what make tourny's complete.
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