Resolved Certain textures and character portraits start to turn magenta color the more I play.

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Summary: As I am playing Bannerlord, the longer I play I start to notice that certain troops shields will turn hot magenta color in the troop screen, but not on the actual battlefield. The same thing starts to happen with character portraits in the UI or in town. It starts with only a few things turning magenta but as I keep playing it increases to more and more textures turning this color. I also notice the game starts to become laggy as if there is some type of memory leak. I should also mention that this campaign was started in 1.5.7 and I am now in 1.5.8.
How to Reproduce: Keep playing campaign for extended period of time without closing the game.
Scene Name (if related):
Media (Screenshots & Video): Bannerlord Magenta Glitch 1 Bannerlord Magenta Glitch 2
Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 10 Pro
GPU: GTX 980ti
GPU Driver Version: 461.92
CPU: i7 6700K
RAM: 16 GB
Motherboard: Asus Maximus Formula VIII
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): Samsung EVO 500GB SSD

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I've been informed that this bug is fixed and will be sent to the game with one of the latest patches. Can you check if you still experience this issue? I've gone forwarded and marked the topic as resolved unless you state otherwise.
Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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