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Yes, it's only a temp ban for 1 hour. But it's turned off now. There won't be any more vote (temp) bans. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Thx for the report

Edit: I will check the logs and if they abused the polls more than just once they will get banned too, and in this case it's perma.


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a new server: :party:
Slots: 32
Gamemode: Battle
Teampoint limit: 10
Roundtime: 3:00 (flag spawns at 2:00)
Friendly fire damage: 25%
Starting gold: 1000
Arena styled maps
Shuffled maplist (rotation changes everyday)

CCC_Madparty and CCC_OpenTourney got new map rotations and many more maps

our Full Invasion server got updated with the new version Osiris

Chat Commands on all native servers
  • help: Shows all available chat commands.

  • whisper: Send a private message to another player.
    /whisper [player name] [message]
    /w [player name] [message]
    /whisper Matheld Hello, how are you?
    (it's also possible to shorten the name, for example it's enough to write "math" instead of the complete name Matheld)
  • suicide: Slay yourself.
  • id: Get your unique Warband ID.
  • cheer: Let your character cheer.
  • walk: Let your character move with 40% of normal speed.
    If you want to move with normal speed again, repeat chat command '/walk' or enter '/run' instead.
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