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New feature on CCC_MadParty and CCC_OpenTourney:
The map rotation will be shuffled daily (starting 8th February). So you can enjoy a brand new map order every day!

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Kragen said:
Why ther is no tdm servers anymooore ?? :cry:

CCC_MadParty is a tdm server  :fruity:.
Just needs more visitors. At these times it's darn hard to keep servers populated, but we take as good care of our servers as we can.


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Who's the best?
Find out at our Last Man Standing Night
Enjoy an evening of fun, fighting and company!

21:15 BST at CCC_LastManStanding


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A big thanks to everybody who joined our Last Man Standing Night!
We had amazing fights and lots of fun and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. :party:

The competitions for the Wall of Fame were tough. A long list of well-known players fought to answer the question: Who's best?

CastelIan_Dopey and Ferret_Bertalicious were neck and neck with 3 rounds won in the first set. Finally, CastelIan_Dopey has beaten Ferret_Bertalicious with 24 to 23 kills.
For the second set we had even four striking players who all won 3 rounds in the competition. FT_Dume, FT_Eder, FT_Sparta and TastyBacon put up a close fight to get their name written in stone. The final winner was FT_Sparta with an outstanding number of 32 kills during this set, followed by FT_Eder with 26 kills, FT_Dume with 15 kills and TastyBacon with 12 kills.

Congratulations to the best players during this Last Man Standing Night:
CastelIan_Dopey and FT_Sparta

The stonemasons are ordered to carve your names in the Wall of Fame on the Akropolis (map). The wall will be finished in the next days.

Again thanks to all participants for the fun, fighting and company!


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Wall of Fame is finished and can be visited on Akropolis map at CCC_LastManStanding server. Again congrats to the winners!


The stonemasons had a tough time and the complition of the wall was delayed cause the chisel tools delivered by TaleWorlds had some quality issues. Sorry for the delay :razz:


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Just want to inform you that the images are missing atm cause dropbox has server issues. Hope they will be back soon.
Edit:  Images are back :grin:
lol now there are 4 guys in the server, is that vote ban only a temp ban?

Because that's pretty cheesy, we finished round 1 and they started the poll.

I'm pretty sure they're doing it to other people too because I just saw the pop go up to 4 and back down to 2
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