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The Cheshire Cats Clan is hosting the following public Warband servers:

Mount & Blade: Warband Siege Server with 140 slots
CCC Siege offers a classic siege experience with challenging settings for experienced players like friendly fire, limited defender lives and 1000 starting gold amount. The server has a legendary history and was already famous as 22nd_Siege in the early days of Mount & Blade: Warband. Later on it has been known as Wofpack Siege and today CCC including many members of the original siege team continue this project.
Mount & Blade: Warband Deathmatch Mod server with 32slots
The Cheshire Cats Clan proudly presents you with a fresh and innovative deathmatch server offering a round based deathmatch mode created by Muzzle.
The game mode combines round time and gold bonus of battle mode with the classic deathmatch mode. The players only spawn when a new round starts and have to fight their way through all the other opponents within the round time. The last player alive wins the round. If there is more than one player alive at round end the players get teleported to a death cage where they constantly lose health. The players have to fight each other within the cage. There can be only one!
Mount & Blade: Warband Battle Server with 32 slots
CCC Open Tourney is a small battle server which uses standard tournament settings, including current competitive maps, 180s round time and team swaps after one team has won 3 rounds (first-to-3). The server is meant for public fun playing as much as for competitive training. We'll update the server regularly and add maps and features of actual tournaments.
Mount & Blade: Warband Team Deathmatch Server with 50 slots
CCC is proud to present CCC MadParty, a new Native Team Deathmatch server. Currently the only EU TDM server in the mode we aim to bring balanced and fair gameplay in a fun environment. With regular updated map rotation and an active admin team we hope you will enjoy our TDM server.
Mount & Blade: Warband Battle Server with 32 slots
CCC BattleArena is a small battle server which uses arena styled maps, 180s roundtime, teampoint limit of 10. It is more of a casual server focused on fun and relaxed gaming. We hope you will enjoy our latest offering to the community.
Mount & Blade: Warband Invasion Server with 16 slots
Invasion is the new multiplayer game mode which is included in the Warband 1.170 update. You can play co-operatively with your friends and command characters from single player while fighting waves of enemies.
Mount & Blade: Warband Bearforce 2 Mod Server with 32 slots
CCC Jedicats is a nice, little duel server which uses the Bearforce II Mod. We thought there should be one for those who enjoy to have a light sword duel from time to time.
Mount & Blade: Warband Full Invasion 2 - Osiris Mod Server with 50 slots
Enjoy the Warband coop-survival invasion game mode and fight yourself through hordes of invaders together with other players. Good luck with surviving all waves!

For more information on servers, maps and public events visit us on!

Chat Commands

  • help: Shows all available chat commands.

  • whisper: Send a private message to another player.
    /whisper [player name] [message]
    /w [player name] [message]
    /whisper Matheld Hello, how are you?
    (it's also possible to shorten the name, for example it's enough to write "math" instead of the complete name Matheld)
  • suicide: Slay yourself.
  • id: Get your unique Warband ID.
  • cheer: Let your character cheer.
  • walk: Let your character move with 40% of normal speed.
    If you want to move with normal speed again, repeat chat command '/walk' or enter '/run' instead.

General Info & Server Rules

We want a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere on our servers and try to enhance the fun for players the best we can.
Please let us know if you have any suggestions to improve the servers.

In case you experience any troubles with other players you can make a ban request on our forum or you can contact one of our admins.

You got banned on our server and want to apologize for your bad behavior? Please make an unban request on our forum.
You want to support us and become admin on our server? Please apply on our forum.

Server Rules

  • Be nice and always treat other players with respect.
  • Do not troll, do not glitch, respect the game rules.
  • Do not intentionally teamkill nor teamwound.
  • No racism, fascism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism and/or hate speech!
  • Do not fake nick or use clan tags without being in the respective clan.
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CCC_LastManStanding - A new dimension of deathmatch in Warband

The Cheshire Cats Clan proudly presents you with a fresh and innovative deathmatch server offering a round based deathmatch mode created by Muzzle.
Come and join us on the Grand Opening at September 10th 19:00 BST!


Glad to see Last Man Standing finally being released  :party:

Hope the siege gets attention from the public too  :wink:


Spring chicken
Master Knight
finally siege server without 100000 k gold/ noobs running in full plate mindlesly spamming and veteran players have no chance fighting agaisnt 3-4 noobs cuse there is no FF.


buıʇʇǝs uoıʇɔǝɹıp ʞɔɐʇʇɐ
Last man standing, might as well give me all the medals.


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Sounds interesting.

I noticed the Wolfpack 140 slot siege server was rarely populated the last times I was on.
Most people probably played on the "Mount and Siege" server.
Always preferred the Wolfpack siege servers because they didn't lag as much.

Good luck with the project.
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