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Cavalry misses it's attacks too much and dies too easily doing stupid things. Something is very wrong. Needs fixes

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It's been a long time now and I've gone through a lot of heavy Cavalry in Bannerlord. They miss their attacks, both with polearm and side arm, on charge, on advance, on fallow me.
Something is wrong and the units don't know how to time their attacks. There's no reason for an AI unit to 'miss', if it swings a weapon, the weapon should hit it's target or be blocked/interrupted. Their success rate is like 20% or less, it's really bad. I don't know how to fix the AI side but at least give them longer side arms, 120 length at least so they can hit consistently(maybe). If nothing else works, consider giving them horizontal swinging polearms. don't know if they're coded to be slow to attack on "follow me" but they often go side to side with enemies and don't even take a swing on "fallow me". In single player we want Cavalry to be killing machines. As it is they're more like a decoy that can distract units, but that's just not good enough. I don't know if maybe the Devs test them in custom battle with 100 Cav versus 100 ??? and think they're fine because they ram into the enemy and get some kills, but that's not a realistic single player situation. We often have 10-20 Cav and of different types, We need them all to be individually competent at killing enemies. That said, if there was way you could make them charge in formation, or be targeted at a enemy type/formation, that could go a long way in improving their performance too.

If on charge or advance they happily ride into cluster of infantry or head on into archer fire, miss their attacks and get killed as they slowly try to trot away. Even against lower tier units with equal or greater number, charging cav at enemies end up killing one of the Cavs about 1/2 the time. What do devs think these units are for? Why is the player spending a warhorse on a unit that can be killed by a recruit or low tier archer? The only way to use them is on fallow me and to drag them on top of units from behind and hope they hit some.
If the player spends a warhorse on a unit they need to get something valuable. Warhorse Cav need to have more armor and HP, or other tweeks so they don't die to low tier units. A t6 Cavalry should be able to take out a dozen units. Maybe test it by pitting it against 6 t2 infantry and 6 t2 archers. If it doesn't win, it need to be enhanced. They of course need to NEVER ride alone into a shield wall or other enemy cluster.

Please disregard all the multi player consideration: For single player we need Heavy Cavalry to be the ultimate killing machine

This is MOUNT & Blade, not "afk archers & eat a sandwich". Nerfing other units is not a solution either, we want Cavalry to kill them, not for all units to be useless.


What's your AI difficulty setting?

I always play on challenging AI and though it isn't flawless (which is good or else it would be impossible to win tournaments), troops definitely hit way more often than not unless blocked or dodged.

There's room for improvement in melee cavalry formation movement as a whole IMO. I'd really, really like a way to order my lancer formation to do charging passes and rebuild the formation after each pass, even if I had to order each step by hand. I've tried using "follow me" and charging through the enemy formation myself, but it doesn't feel quite the same.

Though I'm always under the impression that melee cavalry units aren't really good at picking targets and moving on the battlefield, I can't deny that Bannerlord's AI is still the best I've seen so far. I truly don't think it's fair to bash TaleWorlds on field troop AI (siege is another story). I feel like they've been doing an amazing work with troop AI.
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