Cavalry hitboxes/glitches review, suggestions

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I wrote about this somewhere earlier, but something is suspicious and I think you should really review the hitboxes or some damage calculations on cavalry.
It seems that often I end up hitting an opposite side or do an opposite effect of what is expected. I don't have videos of this, but some examples:

1. If I attack from below with a spear or even with spear bracing with proper turning/positioning of it along the way, it looks like I hit rider's legs and he is dead. Maybe what would normally be a 20-30 damage to legs with spears, with speed multiplier it gets to over 100 dmg. It's so easy. I never do attack from above with a spear at riders precisely because of this.
2. A similar precise stab attack with either 2H or even 1H swords can give the same result.
3. I did a normal attack with a spear from below on a charging cav, which resulted in a spear going through horse's neck, and killing the rider but not the horse.
4. Cavalry often gets into precarious situations when they slam against a wall/building so their mount stops, and right near me. Numerous times I ran towards the rider with an above attack (i.e. long 2H axe) that should clearly end on the back of rider's head, totally on his 6 o'clock, but only hit the horse's back for measly 20ish damage or, even worse, rider's shield without seeing him blocking (?).
5. In one of yesterdays TDM games, I had a situation of a cav caught standing still beside me and trying to accelerate (I'm on horse's right side). With a 1H axe swing attack at the horse's body, I logically would hit the horse's right side. But surprisingly the result was hitting the rider's shield which was on the left side (shield whack sound was played). I never saw the rider ever blocking towards me to prevent my attack. Even if he did, the rider's shield would be high above my axe to prevent that attack.
6. There should be a possibility to knock a rider off the horse, without killing their horse. Some attacks the riders suffer are brutal, yet stay alive and firmly mounted.
7. Finally, the most frustrating thing. If a rider gets knocked off a killed horse, they glitch through and into objects, making them impossible to hit on ground. Until they get up and un-glitch from the building/wall. But it's too late then, because they are already blocking.
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