Cavalry and Routing

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This topic addresses some recent changes and possible issues in battles mainly surrounding cavalry, but can also affect other units:
  1. The first being the inability to give commands after an enemy begins to route. It is a bit of an annoyance to watch the enemy get away because I hadn't yet committed my cavalry to a charge.
  2. The previous point is also exacerbated by the fact that, once an enemy force begins to flee, the victorious troops will begin to celebrate in excess. Cavalry will still pursue fleeing enemies, but they won't actually make an attempt to strike, instead being caught up in cheering animations. While a few is understandable, or for units that aren't actively engaged in pursuit (e.g. my archers who aren't in firing range), having troops such as cavalry pass by fleeing enemy without an attempt at subduing them is frustrating, and leads to much larger numbers of the enemy fleeing than should have.
    • Even historically speaking this isn't accurate, as armies more ofteb found themselves caught in traps after charging on to an enemy's camp, high on bloodlust and eager for loot, only to be ambushed.
  3. This last point is mainly for cavalry: after cavalry push through an enemy line after a charge, they keep riding on for a while before turning to make another charge. I can micro-manage by giving them another command ("Follow Me") and then the charge command again, and they'll wheel about fine. I feel they use to wheel this efficiently on their own before. What results is cavalry far seperated from the battle for no reason when they could and should have easily wheeled about to make another charge (note, this occurs both while the battle is active and during a route.
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