In Progress Cavalry AI performing poorly under AI's command

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Summary: Cavalry AI performing poorly, because cavalry units under AI's command do not disengage properly
How to Reproduce: Just check how cavalry AI under AI' command perform in custom or campaign battles. It is easy to reproduce if you play a Custom Battle as commander, and then play the same battle as Sergeant.
Have you used cheats and if so which: No
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This issue was introduced a lot of time ago, when you made the cavalry AI to remain engaged in melee to try to make archers less OP. Now the cavalry AI is really bad due to this change (while it did not fix the issue with archers being OP either), which makes the battles against the AI eeasier than they should because cavalry units are underperforming.

Cavarly AI under player's command:

Cavarly AI under the AI's command:

This behavior does not help at all with archers being OP, and it just makes the battles even easier for the player, because the cavalry units under AI's command are really easy to kill.
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This issue is still present in 1.2.1, and it is even worse because the cavalry AI is generally performing worse against infantry in the beta.

On the other hand, leaving the worse cavalry AI against infantry in beta, the issue related to cavalry AI performing worse under AI’s commands is still present. It also happens if the player dies in battle, cavalry units start underperforming because do not disengage correctly, stay in melee and get massacred. This is issue is making battles too easy because the enemy cavalry is a joke.
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