Need More Info Cavalry AI downgraded in 1.8.0

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No, I didn't use any mods.


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Summary: Cavalry AI downgraded in 1.8.0
How to Reproduce: Just check the cavalry performance in campaign battles or cusom battles. Especially in the initial charge, the cavalry is performing really bad when in formation.
Have you used cheats and if so which: No.
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As mentioned in the "How to Reproduce" area, cavalry AI has been downgraded in 1.8.0. You can see that cavalry is not trying to couching anymore and most of the time just try to bump the enemies without even attacking whith weapons. Plus I am detecting that the cavalry units have a bad time trying to switch to melee weapons and most of the time just just lances, even when the enemy is pretty close and cavalry units are stuck.

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Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!


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Thank you.

Here you can also find a pretty useful video which was posted by @five bucks, related to the same issue:



thank god im not the only one notice this. like. 20 vlandian banner knights charge into blob of 30 looters and not getting any kill at all. thats not normal.


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Thank you.

Here you can also find a pretty useful video which was posted by @five bucks, related to the same issue:

Oh damn that is bad. :eek:


This is terrible. Totally game breaking. Cavalry has absolutely no use other than bumping enemy troops and creating somekind of distraction. Please don't make us wait next patch for the fix.


Cavalry at present is a joke. The charge straight into enemy infantry unit or even other cavalry and proceed to melee with their swords/maces. The entire purpose of a cavalry lance is to hit the enemy FLANKS at speeds and disorganise the unit formations. I have seen situations where ONE infantry soldier is swallowed by the entire cavalry unit yet the all fail to land even one hit. I have seen situations where one cavalry soldier is surrounded by as many as seven opposition cavalry soldiers and they all fail to land a shot. Takes them absolutely ages to take it down. So the entire battle field is full of these little melee camps where basically nothing happens.
I have had to order cavalry to withdraw so I could kill the one remaining soldier and end the misery, or my infantry can finally get in and end the one soldier.


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Basic principle of close combat with cold weapons in formations is missing => work in pairs. One distracts the oponent and second stabs in opened area. AI agents need to have this programmed.
+ not to chase one guy by half of formation or gangbang on single AI dealing close to no damage as they block each other. Dont know how difficult is this to program.

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Well, i would say it a good sign that Developers touch AI at all and i think it will come out fixed and better than before (coming soon)


Melee Cavalry isn't working correcty on player side, so yes, something wrong with it, 1.7.2 Melee Cavalry are petty ok, good. but not 1.8.
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