Catapults need some love

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Playing a good catapult operator can be very rewarding in siege: destroying those pesky walls, so archers have nowhere to hide, making gaps in walls so your team can get to those flags faster and of course trying to get the enemy catapults before they get you. Having said this there are still some annoying features that should be addressed sooner or later.

1) You should be able to pick up any unused intact stones - too many times you drop the stone because you were hit by an arrow, bumped by a horse or simply because you've missed the sweet spot of loading your catapult and grabbed the damn machine like a retard instead.

2) Which brings me to the second, insanely infuriating feature - if you're too far away from the centre of the catapult, instead of loading it you drop your stone and command it instead. Why on earth would anyone like to command an empty catapult instead of loading it in the first place is beyond me. For me the only function assigned to use key while holding the stone is to load the catapult, nothing else.

3) Ammo count could be bigger, if not infinite. I don't know, I imagine in the future (fingers crossed) you'd want to bring out custom siege servers - a host could decide on the amount of ammo available and through trial and error "the right balanced amount" could be established.
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