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A minor nitpick more than anything, but I feel as if the Imperial Bastard Axe should have a thrusting attack just cuz of that spear head it's sporting at the tip of the shaft. Could probably make it about as weak as a pugio since stabbing's definitely not its main method of attack
Wonder if it'd be worth it to replace the Blood Rage perk with Looter. While the Bastard Axe and Kontos are solid choices, I have my doubts as to whether or not they're worth treating the current skirmish round as a "one life" mode since the Cataphract has the downside of "Forfeit spawning if you die as this unit".

At that point, the Cataphract can then try and score a few kills so as to hopefully respawn as a Menavlion Infantry or Archer Militia when they die.

Also, i still think that the bastard axe should have a thrusting attack since it has a spear head as shown in this link
kontos is underused and needs a buff, a 50%/100% of damage to shields should be appricated (because of lack of close ranged 2h on this faction)
maybe give it to dragoon perk instead
remove armor perk and give free use of pauldrons, its useless perk anyway and this class looks awful without pauldrons
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