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Castles are smaller scenes with a more limited role than towns, because of this with a fair amount of work they can be more easily filled with interest and functionality. Much of this functionality could be applied to towns as well, but I'd like to keep this discussion specific to castles as possible. I hope people will chime in with their own ideas to promote this topic. I think there is a huge opportunity to improve castle scenes and make them worth visiting. I'd like to think of immersive things that would add interest, but also ideas that keep them unique from towns and worth checking into.

Garrisoned Troops represented in scene:
Troops you have garrisoned should show up in the scene in proportion to how many you have. So, as an example, 20 troops in scene.. 20 peasants, 10 crossbowman, 10 knights garrisoned = 5 crossbowmen on walls and towers, 5 knights posted guard at gates and barracks etc, 10 peasants milling around. Several militia as well.

Select Upgrades represented in scene:
Also, if i construct training grounds, there should be a trainer at my castle. If i visit, I can see them training troops and if I choose I can train here myself. If I make a garden, how bout a little garden patch. Little things like this give player a sense of ownership and connection that would be lacking otherwise. A trainer would give players a reason to visit the castle an appreciate ownership of it. Allowing players to fight with practice swords and really hone their skills would provide further incentive.

General Dialogue & NPC Awareness:
Little one liners of dialogue too. If loyalty is low, troops may complain, if it is maxed they may praise me. NPCs should also be aware what Nobels are visiting the castle and if who is in the dungeon. Gossip / rumors "I've heard sir whats his face is rotting in the dungeon, serves him right." How you doing? (low loyalty) "All I do is stand here all day, no better the food is rotten" etc. Talking to guards outside keep or inside hall, all they need to say is "Welcome home sire / mi lady." Latest news"We're working to complete the granary. We have plenty of food. Our garrison is strong and ready to withstand siege." I want NPCs to check the condition of the castle and tell me about it.

General Dialogue Options:
Tell me your feelings
Gossip/ Rumors
The castle - latest news

NPCs with context and awareness:
NPCs should have responses and awareness of information specific to their role. If I speak to the trainer at my castle, they should be able to tell me the status of my garrison. If the vast majority are recruits and they are few. The trainer might say, "I've got my work cut out for me. These are just boys but given time I'll train men!" A sizable garrison of trained troops should receive a a fitting response. "Our garrison is fit for battle," etc.

Upgrade Jails:
Prisoners escape very easily, this has been stated elsewhere. Prisoners escape very easily and without notification (see bounties for related ideas). Prisons should upgrade to a second and third tier, increasing security and capacity. Guards should be aware of the upgrade level of the jail and have dialogue to reflect that. Guards should also know what notable prisoners are in jail, who captured them and where and context (siege, while raiding, in the field), and have dialogue to reflect that also.

I'd also like to have a board or an NPC in front of jail with bounties or issues that need to be resolved. Doing so would raise relations with notables in corresponding fief. Accepting a bounty would give player a quest to track down a specific looter, raider or clear an active hideout. This could also be to track down a fugitive, recently escaped prisoners might be found hiding in nearby fiefs. Checking quest page would give last known location of bounty. Completing the quest would give gold, relation bonus with notables and scouting exp as player must use tracking. Quest variants could be to return villagers or militia captured by raiders to one of the attached fiefs.

Local Patrols & Security:
Owners of castles should be able to hire patrols. The patrol would be recruited from the pool of militia at castle. Payment should be upfront to "outfit" them, daily wage to maintain and a bonus for every captured unit delivered to jail.As a visitor to the castle players should be able to speak with the steward and accept patrol duty themselves. Hunting down bandits in the area.

Castle Condition:
After a siege the seigeworks should remain until the castle has been repaired. This is an easy change. It takes time to break down the barriers and siege camps left behind. Siege state of castle should remain for some time.

This is the start. Please add your own ideas to promote this topic! DO NOT MOVE OR EDIT POST.


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It would be healthy to have this discussion on the other thread here as it helps developers read the suggestions, and i think it is fair i added your credits as well, as i believe your OP there, together with others` suggestions, brings more to the table than other 1-liner threads all split, but as it is about the very same thing just formulated differently, it would be very confusing for developers to sift through every single thread about the same issues even if we curate them, or they reach the activity treshold for Top Activity.

This is only about making a compact and easy to look for suggestions, that`s why it was merged.
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