castle flipping for profit

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Usually we kings would just grant so-and-so a city or a castle from the "grant a fief" menu. Well that's totally the wrong way to do it.

If you are like me and want to build a knightly order and garrison a castle before you pass it to one of your lords you are prolly having money problems, I have however found a way to make the lords pay for that instead of me and that is by simply giving a lord a village and trading them for the castle they usually offer up to 60k in the exchange. It only works if the lord has money but most of them do and it's taken a lot of my grumbling out of the mid-game.

Enjoy being financially secure.


Just tried, with surprising results.

Traded my town for vassal's village, got 600 Denars.
Traded my town for vassal's castle, needed to PAY almost 100.000 Denars.

Maybe it accounts for prosperity too...

EDIT: this 100.000 was probably for KHO chapter that was present in the castle, now that I think about it. Which makes for nice strategic options, like taking easy castle just to get KHO you want by flipping easy castle for the other one :smile:
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