Castle choke point, by way of garrison size (stationary party)

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Castles, at the moment, don’t block narrow passes to enemy parties and caravans.
Parties avoid enemy parties if they think they are outclassed. Would it be possible to make the ai see the garrison as an (stationary) enemy party? This way only stronger parties can pass.

The ai already calculates the strength of a garrison for sieging (but I presume the garrison gets an extra bonus in the siege check.)

As an extra add-on this can tie in with a governor.
no governor: 25% of garrison is used in the strength check
Governor: 50% of garrison is used in the strength check
high level Governor: 75% of garrison is used in the strength check (Not 100%, would never leave the castle undefended)
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Also it would be good if the garrison joined in nearby battles (as long as their side has a reasonable chance of winning). At least when someone is attacking a besieging army. I guess the player could use this as an exploit to weaken garrisons but at the moment you can exploit the AI by besieging a castle and then attacking the parties/armies that turn up to defend it,


This is a great idea. I don't see the point of castles right now except as money sinks. If garrisons from castles and towns acts like village militias (fighting same faction near villages), castles would be more useful and have some purpose other than being targets for seiges. It'll also makes seiges more interesting when the garrison sally out when there's enough allies loitering around the beseiging army to make an even fight, making defense more likely.
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