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EU Native Battle Completed [Carnage Fantasy League] Player Sign-Ups

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Name: Haytymir
Nationality: Polish
Steam: Haytymir
Preferred Class: Infantry
Past Teams / Experience: AeM (WNL8, WRL 2020), BLD (ECS4), ReV (WRC, W5D) and other Native tournaments on other forums.
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Sergeant Knight
I love seeing so many players sign up, but we are still in desperate need of captains! So if you are willing to be captain for a team please sign up here . If you know somebody who might want to lead a team, please let them know!


Name: Airelhach
Nationality: turkish
Steam: id/airelhach
Preferred Class: archer
Past Teams / Experience: 25 years in turkey

might run into some activity problems due to the season being summer
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