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Carnage Fantasy League

As some of you might have already heard we are in preparations for the next Fantasy League!

With the help of Carnage Gaming ( we hope to be able to host a competitive and enjoyable tournament.
It is obvious that for a Fantasy League type tournament we need a lot of players who are eager to participate in a competitive environment.

In an upcoming draft, captains will be able to buy players with a set budget in an effort to build the best possible team.

If you are interested in being a player in the Carnage Fantasy League, sign-up here using this form:

Preferred Class:
Past Teams / Experience:[/b]

Cheaters banned in the previous tournaments will remain banned.

Thank you!
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Name: Cobra
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Prefered Class: Inf
Past Teams / Experience: 2019 - Senate | 2020 - Malta 2 | 2021 - Malta
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