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Moss said:
Although I wish they'd outsourced the engine to a different development studio to make a colonialism era game, Sich really aren't that bad.

WFaS was made at the same time as Warbands and they did a decent job with it. The problem was simply that it wasn't made clear to consumers that WFaS wasn't a sequel to Warbands, wasn't in-fact even made after it. Hopefully Paradox will refer to this one as an expand-alone or spin off, rather than a sequel this time. It caused a lot of grief with people who didn't realize that WFAS wasn't supposed to be a sequel to Warbands, let alone that it wasn't made by TW in the first place, bought it and were confused by the lack of improvements and missing features.

At any rate, it'll be extra funding for TW for production of M&B2 and although I won't jump on it on release day like I would have for an Orange Duck production, I'll still get it once it comes out.

My grief with WFaS was not that it wasn't a sequel or expansion, I knew far in advance that it wasn't because it was blindingly obvious*. No my grief with WFaS was that at best it was a mediocre mod & not worth paying for. It felt empty, to me, devoid of anything bar sub-par quality textures, poor firearm mechanics and bland, empty towns. At least with M&B & Warbands towns they were cramped and felt lived in to an extent. There are many free mods which do more than WFaS did at launch (I haven't touched it since) and have more in terms of features whilst not being 'expansions' or 'sequels' to Warband. The Unofficial WFaS MP mod was a lot more fun than the official WFaS MP, of the mods I've played Hundred Years War, 1257 & Brytenwalda were all far superior for me in terms of entertainment and fun and I had been looking forward to using pikes & proper c16/17 firearms.

Personally I'm in mourning for Yoshi's mod as the videos looked fantastic and he was an awesome modder** and I know it would have been far better than anything this lot will do.

*Set in c16, in Europe, as well as being based upon a novel - far cry from c13 Calradia.
**I was addicted to Hunt mod for weeks on end. Still the best Warband MP mod I've ever played.


I'm really looking forward to this, I play WFaS more than I do warband + mods and prefer the multiplayer in WFaS.. I really enjoyed the single player too, no need to be so negative over a game that you in all likely hood didn't complete and had a tantrum after you got shot with a musket in the first battle you entered.
I didn't complete it, you're right. But thats because I'd played many mods that were superior in terms of content and quality before WFaS was out and have played mods since that were still far better than WFaS, in my opinion. You reckon I rage-quit over getting hit by a musket? I used to play M&M, I've been 1-hit killed more times in Vikingr than any other M&B MP I've played*, I used to play the unofficial WFaS MP mod a lot, which involved getting shot quite often. I hardly think getting hit by a musket or being killed in one-hit was at the top of my concerns.

WFaS took an age to be released, it lacked features that were in M&B: Warband and lacked compared to other mods which were free, had better quality models, better quality textures, new mechanics, towns & villages that were well laid out, decent sounds, new, and better, animations, tons of new equipment.

You like it, I don't, but my dislike of WFaS is well grounded.

*Because they've balanced it well within the confines of M&B
AK47 said:
Wulfburk said:
from the developers of M&B: WFAS (SiCH Studio).
Oh. :neutral:

Well, you'll excuse me for not jumping for joy.

I just really don't see why people resent that studio. They've done a very good job as far as I'm concerned, and I'm not the biggest fan of the period. It's price aside, a very good job...

Don't blame them for choosing the period you dislike, blame yourself.

@Rathos - Let's be fair. It's not. In any way, except that its free. Its a few new maps that are as of now far from finished, roughly the same factions, same core gameplay as Wfas, with only few new features such as an engineer and a cannon.

The mod looks great, no doubt, and is definitely promising, but as of now, it has pretty much nothing to offer that WFAS doesn't already have, so I'd sooner say people are overglorifying WFAS the mod, but then again, there's no point in comparing a mod and an actual product.



Carribean...if the Carribean is infact the setting I would be thrilled, because there is so much they can potentially do with that setting, and the locations are rich with potential for an amazing game.

Pirates of the Burning Sea did a pretty great job (now a free MMO - I recommend trying it out for gamers wanting to see what a good Pirate/Carribean MMORPG and ship combat is about), and Flight Simulator was pretty great flying around all those islands...................

I'm excited :grin:
But also disappointed in a few ways that it does look a bit the same graphically. The ships look amazing, but at least it won't be a damper on my system. Mount&Blade has this weird way of making things look pretty nice when it's actually not hard to run IMO.

Another is that they are basing it off a book -- is this just for historical reference or are they actually taking character names out of the book? I guess that's cool but the charm of the first two M&B's was that they were completely amazing and original.

However all that aside,
I think they will learn a lot from what critics of WFaS didn't like, and I think the setting will be extremely rich for potential.
No, Yoshiboy was unrelated to this particular project. He'd tried to get licensing from Taleworlds, but was denied. There's been no further explanation from him (or anyone) on that and he's largely departed for greener pastures.

As for this SiCh project, I don't think lack of new info is a reason to think it is cancelled.
More blackpowder!



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Here's hoping they actually use the Warband module this time around. And maybe get some PR in here, too.

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lolwarrior said:
Just like they nicked WFAS mod.

You mean the one that was only in Polish? And was developed on the original engine, and made by the same studio who made wFaS?


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There were one or two Pirates and sailing games which were a bit like Mount and Blade from character to towns. Enjoyable. Sad if this project is dead.
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