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We currently has 2 levels of caravans Normal and Extra Strong.

I would like 5 levels instead, where current is level 4 and 5.

With weaker caravans we can get into caravan-business earlier. Grinding together 17k in the begining with or without using exploits are boring. let us go into caravan-business earlier. Let me upgrade them via party tab in clan UI. They upgrade next time they enter a settlement.

Level 1 caravans could be very week and very small parties. A leader and 5-10 T2 caravanguards. Vulnerable to 15 looters. Costa 3000 to start
Level 2 costs 5000 to start
Level 3 costs 10000 to start
Level 4 costs 17500 to start(Current normal)
Level 5 costs 22500 to start(Current extra strong)

I have not analyzed the current compositions to differentice Level 2 and level 3 compositions and size. The pricetag is more interesting for me ATM :smile:
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