Caravans, Enterprises and Black Market.

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It seems odd to me that a trade focused character can only have the same amount of shops, caravans (And income) as some human meat axe with all his focus in weapon skills. In Warband you could chose a merchant background with the trade-off being you have less attribute and skill points to allocate to combat, with the Bannerlord system this trade-off is not quite as apparent. Possible options:
-Every 25 or 50 points in Trade gives an extra enterprise slot or caravan.
-A perk that gives +1 enterprises or caravans per clan tier.
-Enterprise profit scales with Trade skill.
-A perk that allows you to hire above companion limit but only to run a caravan.
-A perk that allows steward skill of companion to apply to number of caravan guards.
-Allow us to set a trade route for each caravan to avoid hostile territory.
-Allow us to prioritise the goods to buy/sell in each caravan.
-Add quests for caravans to deliver X goods or make X profit or visit X cities within a time frame.

Criminal Enterprise (Black Market)
-Garrison a companion in a town to set up a black market.
-Depending on Roguery skill their criminal rating increases each day until eventually you are forced into a confrontation with the authorities where you have to fight/bribe/negotiate your way out.
-Radiant quests to fight turf wars with other gangs for black market share.
-Kill other gang leaders to boost black market income but increase your criminal rating.
-Use Black Market to smuggle goods or people in/out of besieged cities.

Let me know what you think!


Sounds interesting, someone suggested something similar in one regard which was having clans that can focus on trade, that was a while ago. Still, it would be good to have the AI recognize "enemy territory" and avoid it unless they mean to start a fight.
I like the idea of clan traits, it would add more flavour to the existing nobles. You could have empire clans who are the latest generation in a line of noble Officer or mercantile types and as a result don’t level combat skills as fast but have buffs to Trade/Tactics/Leadership skills. On the other side there may be Barbaric Battanian or Sturgian clans who have buffs to combat but are slower to level Engineering/Trade etc. These could be emergent for the player character.
Very interesting suggestion!

One issue though. What happens with your trade empire when you die and new clanleader is "some human meat axe"? :smile:
Very interesting suggestion!

One issue though. What happens with your trade empire when you die and new clanleader is "some human meat axe"? :smile:
I guess there would be mechanics that contribute to the effectiveness of the enterprises like linking a portion of it to the characters trade skill or something so it's not totally dependent on the clan or character standing.
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