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Ok let me get this out of the way and if this has been brought up before im new around here and i apologize.

I understand there is need for balance for caravans and not everyone and their mothers should be able to run caravans and its set for companions only and that has its limit based on the companion limit. However is it possible to allow 1 of your kids to run a caravan since they cant always be in parties since thats limited and they dont earn certain exp ie Stewart, scout medicine ect unless you give them the job in the party which is fair and i do that so the little spawn of mine can be somewhat useful when my starting hero finally falls off the siege tower 1 too many times or gets lanced in the face. I feel as if you allow one of your kids a chance to run the goods until he or she gets finally taken down by the bandits. It would help the next in line have somewhat of a good start in trade instead of starting from 0 or how high you can get it with the life path events or what ever its called. Im sure theres a mod for what i am requesting and I’ll look into that as well.
can we get one of our kids to run a caravan?


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You can create caravans with our family members in 1.6.0.

You need only to talk with a merchant notable and select a family member.


Yeah its exciting time to be alive well for some of us i guess you can say taleworlds had the same problem with their game
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