Caravans and shops - WTF money waste ??

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I love this game so much, I have play this game so much time, this is my favorite game, I play it through half of my adult life, and after one year of release, it still as "early access game" is very disappointed

There are so many things TW should do, but they still didn't do it
that's why I cheat to have Influence system, the money, I just don't have time to waste to make money in the game, lol I am even struggling to make money in real life
I feel almost the same as you as I love the game more than any other and I think TW is throwing away a great opportunity to make a sweet game and just letting modders do all the work just like they did with warband


Well you can also download my mod if you dont want to cheat officially, workshops are gonna earn 250-1K a day. As for caravans they got quite complex code, but what I was able to dig out is that they are trying to keep budget of 5000 and that they are going to buy at most goods of one type for 1500. They also start with 10 000 on their bank account. So if they are willing to invest some 5K, probably less, and they pay wages of up to almost 300 a day their profit cannot really be good. I mean they are probably gonna do trade once every 3 days given distances and wait time in the citiies. So they need to make huge profit from that 5K investment in order to break even.
You are the Simple Bank one?
I can get WS paying between 400-800 a day. I can get caravans to pay between 600-1200 a day. No cheats or mods that interfere.

They are very worth it, but you'll need to think about how to go about it. If a dumb ass like me can do it, you can to.


More income and more production. You still have to invest into them but they give much more income. Also trade goods (mainly the more refined ones are more valuable and therefore better for manual trading.
I mean there are a mod called, simple allow us to give money to our caravans,and looks like they use it to purchase more stuff.
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