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Caravan troop cap should be around 40 or 45

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The Great Grub

Imo this new nerf is ****ing stupid within the first ig day of playing since the nerf both my caravans got captured by bandits BANDITS not lords i would have been somewhat ok with a lord attacking it as thats bound to happen in war but to lose 18k each day or couple of days because they cant fight off mid-late game bandit parties is just bonkers if anything they should have nerfed the move speed of them so that lords can catch up to them easily and i will not be buying any more caravans until they sort this out
im getting very worried with this games future as much as i hate to say it and i hope that this is a temporary nerf(we said that about the workshops so i doubt it) and seems like they are trying to make it into even more of a grind than it already is.

add back the manhunters dammit
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