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Caravan ambush

Change quest back to fighting REAL manly bandits?

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Does anyone enjoy doing this quest anymore?

I much preferred it when I had a challenge and fun of fighting a massive group of sea raiders/forest bandit/etc instead of these (75 unit capped) ransackers/pillagers that flee as soon as your units clashes with them.

The only reason I do them now is to get rid of settlement issue debuff.
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Yes much better before … liked all the forrest bandit prisoners and turned them into Fians, but now you can get all the Fians you want… so no effort needed anymore 😴


That's a bummer!
However, I did remember watching a Youtube video that suggested to avoid those caravan escort missions for a reason unfortunately I do not recall! Maybe it is what you guys are talking about.


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I ain't doing it either way, but I loved the idea of some poor noob going up against 50+ forest bandits and getting absolutely wrecked! That's why they changed it.


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The ratio of looters compared to other types of bandits is too high. Any extra variations of enemies to fight is a plus to me. I'm sick of fighting them.
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