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Summary: Captains Mode will crash at the moment if a single player leaves the match instead of loading in the next player in que, even with plenty of time left in the warmup phase. More over this causes the warmup phase to consistently last 5+ minutes, followed by a crash because a player is either: too tired of waiting for the game to start, doesn’t like his team, and or doesn’t like the factions.

Moreover there’s really no plausible reason the game is unplayable with an extra player on each side. More times than not it happens at least once per round anyway so why not let the game play out. At least then people aren’t waiting que for games that won’t start for another 30-45 min because only 3 people are in que.

Though you have refused to give the Captains community at least a single server for the custom menu, you insist on continually degrading the potential of the game. Especially when update after update there’s a new hurdle for us to inevitably identify and then overcome.
How to Reproduce: Press the start button on your Xbox controller, scroll down to quit while in the warmup phase of any Captain’s match.
Possible Solutions:
A) Allow a custom server that lets players choose teams and factions like all other servers.
B) Allow games to start with uneven number of players and balanced troops like when a player disconnects during match.
C) Disconnect the single player whilst time allows, & Load the next player from the que.

Computer Specs
Xbox: All series
Hey, our team is aware of this issue and working on it. Thank you for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.
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