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[Captain's League] Season 2 Rules

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When is it?:

Regular Season: Matches take place every weekend starting Saturday March 13th until Sunday May 2nd.
Playoffs: After the regular season is concluded, playoffs will take place on Sunday, May 9th.
Finals: After playoffs are concluded and the contest is down to 2 final teams, the final best of 7 series will take place on Sunday, May 16th as one team is crowned champion.


  • Clans may register as many teams as they have players for, as long as each roster has a minimum of 6 main players and at least 2 dedicated back-up players.
  • Clans may register multiple teams, however these teams must have a unique team name and tag, for example: [SKBR]SkolderBrotva Bears and [SKBR][W] SkolderBrotva Wolves or [BTL] Butterlords and [BUT] Butterlings are acceptable variations. These team names may not be a numbered variants of the same name. (1..2..3..etc).
  • Once a player has participated in a single round for any given team, they are bound to that teams roster for the remainder of the League Season.
  • Players cannot play for more than one team during the league season. This rule includes players from the same clan.
  • Teams are expected to play for the entire duration of the league season every weekend over multiple weeks, If this is something you cannot commit to, please do not sign up.
  • Teams can have as many confirmed players listed as back-ups on their roster as they deem necessary. It is highly recommended that you keep a long list of alternates as you will surely need them over such a long season. You must have at least 2 back-ups listed.
  • Solo Players may register as a back-up to have a chance to play for as a replacement player for teams that need the help. You will be given a discord tag and will be notified on the day of the matches if a team needs you.
  • Sign-ups are in the Discord under #league-registartion


  • Each week, competing team captains are expected to coordinate with the opposing team captain to plan and agree upon a set day and time for their game series to occur.
  • These matches may only take place between Saturday 5am PST through Sunday 11pm PST so as to maximize admin attendance.
  • Both Team Captains must submit their final, dually agreed upon match time and day to the #league-scheduling txt channel and tag an admin for them to confirm the time.
  • Your match must be scheduled and confirmed by Thursday 11pm PST or the admins will assign a date for you.
  • Screenshot submissions for these matches must be turned in before Sunday 11:59pm PST each week.
  • All competing players must be present within their respective clan voice channel within the Captain's League Discord in order for these matches to be valid.
  • Failure to agree on a set day and time will result in the admins setting a day and time for you.
  • Failure to appear to your scheduled match will result in 1 game forfeit for every 20 minutes that passes past the deadline.
  • If two teams from the same clan are scheduled to compete against each other and only one shows up to the specified time, both teams receive forfeits.

Map, Server and Faction Selection:

  • Each team in a match-up will be designated as Team A and Team B. Team A is assigned: HEADS and Team B is assigned: TAILS.
  • At the beginning of a series, a coin will be tossed in #coin-toss to determine which team starts with region server priority (This team will host the first match on their home server).
  • The coin toss winner will also decide what map will be first played on, after which they will then pick their faction. (They have 5 minutes to discuss)
  • After the first team has selected their faction, the team that lost the coin toss will be allowed to select which faction they would like to play in response. (They also have 5 minutes to discuss)
  • At the end of this game, the factions and servers will be swapped and another game will be played on the same map.
  • After the map has been played on twice and both teams have played both factions while also swapping servers, the team that initially lost the coin toss will host, and select a new map and their faction of choice, and the team who initially won the coin toss will then be able to select their faction in response. (Discussion time is limited to 5 minutes for each respective team)
  • After this match, servers and factions will be swapped once again and a final match played on the map.
  • A total of 4 games are played on 2 different maps every weekend.
  • Once the first team selects a map, that same map cannot be selected for the second game.
  • Teams will still swap servers and factions on the same map.
  • Once your team selects a faction in a game series, your team cannot select that faction again against the same team during the series.
  • You can only have one designated home server region.
  • You can only host matches using your assigned server regions. Exception: NA West vs EU games may be played on NA East if both captains agree.
  • If an admin is not present to flip the coin, Team A's captain will type ?flip in the public #coin-toss channel when both captains are present within the lobby.

Other Rules:

  • All matches will take place in the Captain's League Discord.
  • Each team is expected to label and submit their full win screenshots to the #League-Screenshots channel upon completion of each game in the series before 11:59pm each Sunday.
  • No toxicity, flaming, bad sportsmanship, or any form of misconduct in the discord or during matches.
  • Players who are competing in the weekly league are forbidden from entering any of the other teams private channels during matches. Including moderators, no abusing your privilege's by eavesdropping on strategy.
  • If any of your teammates disconnects from a match during an ongoing round, your team is expected to play out the remainder of that round without that teammate. When that ongoing round is concluded, all players MUST disconnect and re-host the game using the same parameters, the first team to 3 round wins total wins that game.
  • If your team is late to their timeslot they will forfeit 1 game for every 20 minutes that passes.
  • No glitching, intentional crashing, or cheating will be tolerated. This includes baiting AI into known pits, holes, walls, etc. that are clear exploits.
  • Match fixing is absolutely prohibited under any circumstances. Your team may risk being banned permanently from the league if it's proven that your team has been boosting or fixing matches for whatever reason.
  • If a team fails to show up to their matches a total of 3 times in the season, they are disqualified from the event.
  • This list is subject to change as the League Admins reserve the right to make calls and additional rules based on our own judgement to ensure a fair and competitive environment is upheld. If you have any questions or concerns contact LordLing or Beefless on discord.
  • Breaking any of these rules may result in admin intervention and disqualification from the event if the infraction is severe.

Report System:

There will most likely be an admin present to serve as a referee for all matches, however in the event that an admin cannot attend, teams and players are expected to uphold the rules, goodwill and integrity of the competition. Team Captains may submit Video and or Screenshot evidence that clearly show a violation of the rules beyond a reasonable doubt to the #report-submission txt channel in the discord. Report submissions must include a detailed description of the violation and how it occurred. Report submissions must be turned in before your teams next match is scheduled to be considered valid. All reports are made privately and only the Admins can read messages within the report-submission channel.

Playoffs: Sunday May 9th

Best of 5 Mirror Matches, first team to 3 wins
Game 1: Khuzait vs Khuzait [Ruins of Jawwali] - Coin Toss Winner Host
Game 2: Battania vs Battania [Druimmor Forest] - Coin Toss Loser Host
Game 3: Empire vs Empire [Cliffs of Akkalat] - Coin Toss Winner Host
Game 4: Sturgia vs Sturgia [Isle of Deriad] - Coin Toss Loser Host
Game 5: Vlandia vs Vlandia [Ebereth Hillfort] - New Coin Toss Decides Host

Finals: Sunday May 16th

Best of 7 Games. First to 5 wins. No Side Swaps. Can only pick a faction one time each. In the event of a game 7, Mirror match.

Game 1: ? vs ? Ruins of Jawwali - Coin Toss Winner Host
Game 2: ? vs ? Ruins of Jawwali - Coin Toss Loser Host
Game 3: ? vs ? Druimmor Forest - Coin Toss Winner Host
Game 4: ? vs ? Druimmor Forest - Coin Toss Loser Host
Game 5: ? vs ? Cliffs of Akkalat - Coin Toss Winner Host
Game 6: ? vs ? Cliffs of Akkalat - Coin Toss Loser Host
Game 7: Mirror Match Ruins of Jawwali - New Coin Toss Decides Host and Coin Toss Loser picks the mirrored faction.
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