In Progress Captain Server Will Crash after Respawn a Large Number of Agent at the Round Starts

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Summary: Captain Server Will Crash after Respawn a Large Number of Agent at the Round Starts. The probability of this issue occurring on different maps is different, presumably related to the number of respawn points placed on each map. But it seems that some community players have fixed the problem by tweaking the respawn logic, which may help you fix the bug.

How to Reproduce: Pendaric was the map most likely to trigger the crash. Set "NumberOfBotsPerFormation 100" and the game will crashe after the round begins.

Scene Name (if related): Pendaric

Media (Screenshots & Video):
Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
Months later still no solution. Same issue persists on many maps and with lower bot counts.
We have tried to replicate this by NumberOfBotsPerFormation 100 value and we were not able to reproduce this on the latest version of the game. Could you also otry again on the latest version of the game?
Hi, thanks for your effort. As I remember, TW was running a locked captain server with 3 people a few weeks ago. If this is the test method, of course it will work fine. Bugged maps usually fail after a few rounds with 4-5 players. Possible crash cause is spawn points.

I was running modded captain servers for a few months. NumberOfBotsPerFormation 60 was enough for crashes. I was running servers with 5vs5, NumberOfBotsPerFormation 55 and reduced number of light inf settings to avoid crashes. Although there are maps with different bugs, each map gives an error after a certain number of bots and players. (over 200 bots, 4-5 players) (Regardless of the number of bots, you will get an error after 14 players.)

I tried many solutions to fix problematic maps. Each of my solutions was stuck on a new problem. This is just one of the problems.
My servers were running on the "latest version" and I finally got fed up with the problems and decided to shut them down.

In general, I suggest you expand your testing team, set up a testing team that thoroughly tests the game. If you really have efforts to solve the problems of the game and recover playerbase, you should hire players and modders who know the problems of the game well. Bannerlord has a very good infrastructure, but it has shortcomings and many problems to be solved.

Thank you for this fun adventure, although everything is sketchy.
Hi there.

We've tried to reproduce this crash with your fresh information yet we couldn't. Also checked all the maps with changing NumberOfBotsPerFormation 100 and more than 3 people. Again, there was no crash.

Is there anything you want to add? If not, sorry for any inconvenience!
Hello, am running unmodded captain servers for few months and do alot of test. 7v7 and NumberOfBotsPerFormation 48 (2x troops) will run fine with 5 maps.

And NumberOfBotsPerFormation 25 will run fine with 6 maps.

With AutoTeamBalanceThreshold 1 to avoid the “more then 8 players crash”.

The servers crash few times per day with any other maps, or more troops. For doing a real test, we need a servers full of peoples playing all the night, because the server crash after some rounds..

Captain maps am running :

mp_sergeant_map_007 (Ruins of jawaly) = good

mp_sergeant_map_008 (Druimmor forest) = good

mp_sergeant_map_009 (cliff of akalat) = good

mp_sergeant_map_011 (Isle of deriad) = good

mp_sergeant_map_013 (streets of syllianon) = random crash with 2x troops

mp_sergeant_map_018 (Hillfort) = good but random crash with 3x troops or more

Captain maps I tested or try to run :

mp_sergeant_map_012 = nice map, we test 2v2 with extra troops running fine. Crash with 5 players or more, or random crash. (maybe a bug with spawn points)

mp_sergeant_map_010 (Pendaric) = the map crash on startup

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Hi there!

Some of the maps are not used in our servers since the maps are not officially used we cannot promise them if they are working fine.

For the other part, would be fixed with incoming patches. If not, feel free to open another topic related.

Sorry for any inconvenience! And have a lovely gameplay!
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