[Captain MP] Limit the amount of times a Captain can die per round to 3

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Captain, First Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant. After you die 3 times you go to spectate and your troops either F1 F3 or perhaps transfer into your teammates parties evenly. I like the idea of them dispersing to ally parties, and think this would be a better solution to early game leavers as well.

IMO this mode should focus mainly on the NPCs fighting each other, and the meta should evolve around who can better command their troops. So far though it seems to be evolving around who can better use their captain to exploit the enemy AI in some wonky way.

The most annoying examples are:

- Enemy archer captain runs out into the middle of the battle field and hides behind something, or maybe he's picked up a shield, or maybe he just dances around like a maniac. Every single range unit you have will focus that captain. This frees up enemy archers to fire away unchallenged.

- Enemy cavalry captain parks his troops in some remote location, rides out 1 at a time, rides circles around a group of archers who can't hit moving targets, and picks them off 1 at a time.

- Enemy infantry captain runs directly behind infantry line and starts hacking the back of your troops heads, even if you have a second row of units who aren't actively fighting...they will just keep looking forward and dying until you go kill the captain yourself.

I know people have developed tricks to deal with these issues, but again I just really don't want this mode to evolve around that style of play. It's so nice when you get a rare lobby of people who aren't doing annoying **** and are actually making it feel like a real battle. Lines of javelineers facing off without a single captain dancing in the middle of the field or riding around in circles on a horse or flanking behind everyone like Rambo...

I'm sure the AI will improve to a point that troops can better deal with these issues but still. At that point people might be locked into this completely nonsensical (if we are talking in realism terms) strategy of throwing their commanding officer away 1 at a time. Limiting the deaths is something that can be done immediately and will change the way players approach this game mode.

Keeping your captain safe and effectively ordering your troops on the battlefield should be the name of the game.


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There should definitely something be done about some of those tactics. Hopefully AI will at some point be able to pick worthwhile targets and to effectively use/counter cavalry.
I don't know whether limiting player deaths is the perfect solution as being dead is quite unfun for the affected party. How about limiting the movement commands to Follow and Attack when you respawn as a normal soldier?


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This is not the solution for those problems. In fact this would add to the frustration as you, the actual commander type player could get killed by the Rambo type guy 3 times and have to sit out.

The best solution is actually having competent AI, I played captain for the first time in ages last night with a buddy, we just danced circles around entire blobs of AI soldiers swinging wildly and we could take most if not all of them before going down.


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#1. Why haven't you been banned yet? You deserve to be considering how toxic, aggressive, and malicious your behavior is during games.
#2. No, this suggestion would not work, and it is not what the vast majority of respectable Captain Mode players want at all.