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Captain Mode Neglect / Patches That Apply To All Game Modes, Major Issue

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Captain and Skirmish play very very differently, which is why making a patch primarily for skirmish balancing breaks captain mode, and why patches just for captain mode balancing breaks skirmish. I have seen this go both ways since launch.

The recent hard nerf to throwables and archers really really made captain mode terrible. Yes, these weapons are still manageable by players, but the AI is way too dumb to take time to hold their throw or their bow aim to make sure it's accurate before firing. It also makes their shots take extra time to get off, if they do decide to hold their aim for a second. This has rendered archers/throwable secondary weapons completely useless, solidifying that the ONLY meta now is a ton of infantry. This has always been the meta build, but you could at least counter it with good archer play and now that is no longer the case at all. If you bring archers, they will kill nearly nobody, even the low armor/no shield shock troops can run directly at a group of archers and lose nearly no troops at all.

and for god's sake, PLEASE give captain mode some love. It feels like an unwanted step child at this point, there have been patches/maps added for every other game mode and captain mode gets nothing but scraps. Honestly all it has "gained" since launch is taleworlds taking away a ****ty map, nothing to replace it, just a black hole. Now we cycle through the same 3 maps, it's getting really old. The captain mode population is nearly dead thanks to the neglect, which is a shame because it was such an amazing game mode you can't play anywhere else.
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