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The real issue is more inside player mentality.
I try to do my best to win, to advise about what to do as friendly as possible, yet get frequently opposite reactions.
Why new guys don`t want to learn a few tricks from more experienced guys is their choice, I always follow a player with higher badge or try to adapt into composition of units to add to teamplay. Actually even if the game doesn't have VoIP there is a plethora of very good discord made for community, where you can team-up with other players, learn a few tricks and communicate. ITS A GAMECHANGER.
It`s not like the stacked communicating guys have an advantage, its more not taking an opportunity for those who don`t use that.
Even biggest clans allow anyone to use their channels without joining the clan themselves.

Also, there is a possibility to invite players ingame via TW Friends. I have like 50 friends on this.
COMMUNICATION and TEAMPLAY can be achieved easily by TEXT as well, just follow or write which flag, follow shields etc .....
Just pickup a leader and follow him. Simplest and best advice.

I frequently played AGAINST some clans and without VoIP, just by text and with random players from captain mode (non-clan) we beated them.
Because we were following by text a few simple commands, easily and quickly written.
Usually I stack with max 3 peoples in hope that 3 others (no matter EA, 20 or 750 wins) will play properly.

In conclusion, play as a teammate even with strangers, follow the most experienced guy in the team, quick comms by text, try tactics and WIN :smile:
Or join Bannerlord Community Discord if you struggle on multitasking (map awareness, comms via text, battle and commanding at the same time)..
You will get a plethora of infos and other useful things, directions and discords from there.
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BullRot is pretty correct.

In Captain, I think people are used to being godlike commanders in Singleplayer, and join and try to command everyone on the server to listen to their ineffective ideas. Player mentality has really really slowed down the understanding of the average person. In Beta, most people got to understand the mode pretty quickly, but in EA it's been several months and there hasn't been a baseline of quality formed yet.

This is another reason why playing in a 5+ stack is very necessary. Just two players can completely throw a round for you, and half the time they'll blame you for it because it just doesn't occur to them that they might not be Sun Tzu reincarnate.

I want to enjoy playing as a solo player, but it's pretty much impossible at the moment.