Can't take town for myself in my own kingdom?

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I have my own kingdom and I conquered a town. I wanted to take it for myself so that I can later gift it to new clans joining in. But I didn't even have the option to take it, I had to choose between 3 vassals. Is this how its supposed to work? I thought I can forcefully take it and lose relations with the other clans.
At best you can get first a new clan and than conquer a town. Since the clan with nearly zero income and gold amount and fiefs has the highest chance of getting a fief.

Second method is to wipe the owning clan out(via live battles in an army with his members rng death enabled) or dismiss the clan from your kingdom(with enough influence), than the fief will be your own.


When you are a ruler and the last (adult) noble of a clan in your empire dies you inherit their lands. So eventually you'll end up with plenty of towns. It would be nice if it always gave you the option of making yourself the owner of the town, but it doesn't.

Currently (as far as I know) there is no way to bribe someone to join you by offering them a town anyways unless you have level 300 stats in trade. I've never been able to offer a town. Also, when you get to level 125 in skill level for leadership, you can pick a perk that gives you an extra 5 party size for each town you own. For this reason, I never give away towns I own. In my current campaign I own 9 towns, which helps my income, but also adds an additional 45 to my party size. That can be a big advantage. Generally, once I get a clan to join me I give them one of my castles so they have a base & it also improves relations. But I never give away my towns.
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