Can't set my wife as archer?

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Sorry if it is a dumb question, I have taken a break from the game and now I am just playing a bit to test the official release.

Have they removed the ability of set your wife/companion on a specific troop type group? I mean, in my current game my wife is set as cavalry... is there a possibility to set her as an archer other than set her as captain of the archers group? Because her only good skill is archery... it doesn't make sense risk her in a cavalry group.
I heard something about giving them the bow in the first slot, and they will be set as archer. If they have no horse. Have not tested it myself though.

Yeah it is bugged. Used to be that companions got assigned based on their gear.
So you spend time selecting focus points, equipment, perks, etc and or you set your companions as captain or they become just another regular troop that can end fighting in any group based on some slides and random/bugged category classification. Speechless.

Thks for the answers, just stopped playing again.
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Yeah it's an awful change and made me stop my new playthrough as well. Defintely no reason why they couldn't keep the old system in addition to the new sliders.
Assingn groups in Party menu was much better than this new mess system. But they want spoil the game even more.
They'll never explain why we can't have both. There would be no problem if you could set troops and companions to a formation in the party screen menu first, instead of having the game try to figure it out based on their equipment and ending with a mounted archer companion in the infantry line, or ending up with modded troops in completely wrong formations.
I just can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet.
Frustrating beyond belief. Looks so dumb when you tell your infantry to charge only to see a lonely kamikaze mounted person going at it alone and you suddenly realise it's your mounted archer/lancer that you would have expected to be put in the... mounted archer/cavalry formation????
I did see some dev account say they were working on "letting you set non-captain companions to formations" but this was months ago, and they said they had no intention to let you set formations in the party screen because it would make things complicated (?), somehow.
Meanwhile every time I start a battle I have to remove 1 cavalry companion and 3 archers out of my infantry line, and since the only way to do it is messing with sliders I'll pend 3-5 minutes trying to keep a generic horse archer unit from going into the cavalry line while I'm moving things.
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