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I know, that I am not first, but I can't see WB server and I can't use TW site without proxy. Sometimes I can join to server. I have noniced - if I have added server to favorites I could see it. I

Today i changed file "Hosts", and now i can reading forum and TW site. Also I have rebooted my router, cleaned register, I have tried conect without router, reinstalled WB, but it didn't help.

Also my friend (who living in my sity, and using my Internet provider) is having same problems.

Help me guys, and sorry for my English.

Hi mrZhidovt,

As you mentionned a lot of people are experiencing this and are making threads about it. I'm glad you took the time to read the other ones and have tried some suggestions. Not being able to acces the server list is a network problem, not a pc. This means that cleaning register, reinstalling WB or any other shenanigans won't help.

The twitter of warband suggested to restart the router but in my opinion that's a false hope. The best thing you could do is suggest something here: so they are notified.

I know this isn't a direct answer but if someone would have a solution, than I'm sure it would've been mentionned already. And if no one is notifying Taleworlds, then there will be no solution.
I have tried join to site BUT

Hi mrZhidovt,

This is a complete different/unrelated error you just posted, but I'll help you out anyway.

First off, chances are really high that you mistyped the URL to get to taleworlds. What you triggered is a potential vulnerabilty which pops up some XML from the server directly in your browser. So congrats for making it happen :grin:
Basicly the server is telling you (or the webdeveloper) where the mistake happened and suggests it to redirect.

Solution is simple: this is the site you're looking for.
actually that's the error you get when you try to sign into the taleworlds bug reporter; nothing related to the forum.

FYI: I'm also having the same error when I sign in to the bug reporter; am also experiencing server connection issues for the past 3 weeks, before it all went down
Hi Choriisu,

You're right! Because mrZhidovt talked about joining "the site" I assumed it was the forum.
It's a runtime error which has to be fixed at their office. Not much to do about it!
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