Can't see the DEDİCATED server

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Hi guyz,ı hope you can help me with this problem  :???: There are lot of threads about server problems.But ı've started this thread cause my problem is not about just seeing servers also about not seeing DEDİCATED server.I'am able to see all the servers but this dedicated one.
My friend has hosted his own dedicated server.While everybody can see the server,ı can't see it  :mad: What am I supposed to do?

I've tried those so far
How to solve this problem:

1 Go to My Documents, open Mount and blade War Band folder and when open rgl_config txt file.
2 In that file search use_secure_connection = 1 and then you find it change it to use_secure_connection = 0
3 Make sure that your firewall is open to Mount and Blade War Band.
And the other with rgl.config.İt is helpless
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